I have done it.

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  1. I have done it, people. I have rode a horse and trekked on foot.

    Is trekked a word? It is, right?


  2. Lol I have a res on the edge just walk a bit and I'm there lol
  3. well, i started at mine and traveled all the way there, no teleporting.
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  4. I love it! Good going Ocelot!

    Seriously: it's funny & silly things like these which I like most often :)

    Just too bad that it doesn't show any real physical barrier or anything, then you'd really have something to look at (or we'd all feel like prisoners, I dunno) :)
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  5. I think we should put glass panes up to the block limit. Then, we'd at least be able to "see through to the other side."
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  6. well, we already can
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  7. Precisely. ;) It would be like Under the Dome, just without the top. And it would be square. And...less...riots.... X) Aannnywho, more of a detail than a necessity. ^_^ Kudos to you for doin it though.
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  8. ahhhh, i see where you are going now xD
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  9. I did that yesterday!!
  10. Now for the Wastelands!
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  11. I did this on an elytra
  12. I did this... And I started to say 'I'm going to another smp Bob' :p
  13. That is crazy, and I still didn't know that #skelenoob
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  14. Now what we need to do is make it so the world border for certain SMPs is different types of walls
    SMP2- The Wall From Game of Thrones
    SMP1- Wall Maria from Attack on Titan
    SMP6- Colosseum Walls from....Italy
    SMP8- A bunch of Water instead of a wall
    SMP9- The Great Wall of China
    SMP5- The Walls from The Maze Runner
    SMP3- The Wall from the Shawshank Redemption
    SMP7- The Wall from Divergent
    SMP4- The Gates from Lord of the Rings
  15. lava walls on smp5 bruh
  16. Good job. Try making your way to the frontier border?