i have a picture of where chickeneer lives

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by daanhu, Feb 12, 2024.

  1. I thought you meant a photograph! :rolleyes:
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  2. #clickbait
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  3. yes chickeneers home is in this picture u just have to look for it
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  4. agreed.
    Definition of daanhu clickbait: knowing that it is clickbait and still clicking on it.
    Hope they make a treatment for this, I am gonna need a couple doses.
  5. It's called curiosity. I'll be fine without treatment. A natural instinct to continue learning even as an adult is a strength, not a weakness!
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  6. I have a picture of where daanhu lives:

    Whatchu gonna do about that?!?!
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  7. Doxxed, dang it, triphora, you just showed where I live too! How dare you! :mad:
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  8. im proud u tryd but im a interdementional being im efry where note the iss is not on there maybe im on the iss lol or on another space station lol
  9. It's not a photo, though... unless the earth is flat after all? o.(o)
  10. It looks like the Space Station is in the lower right corner. That dot of light.
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  11. new theory the earht is the shape of a man with a travic cone on his head
  12. i have 1500 emty beer cans