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  1. hey guys this is a thread i made because have onlyy just started playing multiplayer and i found i hate it theres no risk and i want to know who els thinks this?
  2. If you want risks, you can head over to the wilderness by typing in /wild or using the wilderness teleporter in the town spawn. Beware though, things built in the wild are at risk of being griefed and griefing is a bannable offense, just like PVP (setting others on fire using lava / fire).
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  3. yh its just that i found it was weird that people dont like that risk
  4. *builds something awesome in wild that took weeks to build. Signs off for a day or two cause of real life things. Comes back on and see's its been griefed in any possible of ways* Hmm yeah I wonder why people don't like that risk. :p
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  5. Not everyone enjoys playing minecraft the same way. Some enjoy having the safety of town and knowing that their masterpieces they have spent all their time building are safe from the hazards of the game. Others prefer the "thrill" of living in the wild. It's a personal preference.
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  6. People don't like that risk because whatever they build they have worked HARD and took the time to do it. In town you can build just about anything, a huge castle, wool sculpture, tree house, go to SMP3 and res 6523 and tell me how long that would last in the wild.

    Most people who build in the wild have to build underground and several blocks/minutes outside of spawn at that. Would you like to come back to your house looking like this?

    Even though those came from town the griefer had to have permission to build on that lot to destroy that house. In wilderness/nether nothing is protected outside spawn.
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  7. There is plenty of risk in the Wild. Go and build there.

    Town is your safe-haven which you need or ultimately, this server would just be a grief-fest like the rest of them.
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  8. Like she said. Before i started on EMC i was only playing on pvp/faction servers, where griefing was allowed. Sometimes i still play pvp/faction even Hardcore pvp (once you day days/hours ban). I want mobs in town to but we are 30000registered players here, not all of us can play like we want to. (not hating on peaceful town, its quite fun)

    You can go to wilderness and make a house there if you wanna risk it. But when you get griefed/killed then don't come and whine about it :)
  9. I personally like having the town as a safe place to build and store things. I also know that it is a ton of fun to go out in the wilderness to gather and explore. If I do decide to build anything out there though I will ensure that it is a fairly long distance from any of the spawns so that I can atleast reduce that chances of it being griefed. If I see anyone messing around it I will be sure to take a screen to immortalize the event just before you get banned.