I don't normally do this

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  1. Normally, I keep hacker videos private - something that is between the hacker and I.
    I want you to know we do catch them, and we make sure we have proof before banning them. I'm working on a video montage blurring out the names, but showing that they do indeed get caught..

    You may be wondering "What makes this video so different, that you're willing to show it to all of us, and even show his name?" - This player attempted to threaten us using "Anonymous".. But not only that, he spammed the forums up with posts/links to a hacked client. The player is sitebanned.

    I want you guys to see this guy, how I see them all.
  2. I like it! You should start a youtube series on how to catch "hackers".
  3. A shocking look into the daily lives of you hacker catchers.
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  4. The thought that secretly, at any time, a senior staff member could be flying around inside of me is slightly terrifying. XD Good work though Max!
  5. Was He the one saying "have you ever wanted to use x-ray mod or flying mod? Because i did see him put up alot of pages saying for a title "must read must read"
  6. I lol'd at first I was like, "he isnt hacking..." then I saw him fly up lol.
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  7. Yup, that was this guy.
  8. Tonight on EMC, when not so clever hack and get themselves banned.
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  9. she said she normally does not share, for all you know, there is an epic playlist of multiple hacker catches set to appropriate whimsical musical themes.
  10. He actually dug almost straight down to those diamonds - so he was using xray... Which he did admit to later on with all those posts he made everywhere on the site. =/
  11. I could literally spend several hours with no end watching this and it would amuse me. Please post more! Feed my beast!

    As you have said and SMOOCH reminded me that you not do this but I think you should.
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  12. 9 pages.
  13. Yea cuz the link he put on it looked kinda suspicious. it said like "hacks" here and there in it so i just left lol i didnt want to get involved with that.
  14. What were you looking for? To my uneducated eye, it looked like he was fine. Not that I'm doubting you, just curious what gave him away.
  15. I think A "To Catch a Hacker" series needs to be started, all we need now is someone who can do a great voice cover of Chris Hanson :D
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  16. Long passage ways without torches, and going straight to the bottom without having mined any other block.
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  17. If this exists.... I would pay IRL money just to see it XD
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  18. Why does it take this guy nearly 2 minutes to mine 2 diamonds?
  19. I lost attention when the chat was on in the wild, and then it hit me... Your an admin :eek:
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  20. Hey, my chat is in the vid :D

    #winning and not even using twitter. :p
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