I Dare You!

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  1. Welcome to the IDY! (I Dare You!)

    Please read the rules for the thread! :)

    Deadly Dare Devils---------
    Dare Devil: jacob5089
    You have to comment a dare in front of your comment, meaning if (example: 123cookie and 123waffle) If 123cookie dared a person already, 123waffle would have to dare 123cookie a dare, and it goes on and on.

    No dares that will get someone banned, kicked, talked to, or perma banned in any length or type.

    If you think the dare is to risky or could get them introuble, do NOT comment the dare.

    No dares about real life or that is illegal in any country or place. Period.

    No real life dares.

    Only dares inside another minecraft server or EMC.

    Do not comment a dare that will involve the person spamming the chat or begging.

    Griefing or stealing dares or anything else venomous will be terminated and reported. Period.

    If the person does not want to do the dare, please respect that.

    You are free to post a screenshot of what happen in the dare for laughs, but when a person posts a picture please quote the person instead of commenting so no confusion happens.

    Do a dare that is exciting or even fun, such as( start drop partying dirt at spawn for no apparent reason or getting a new skin every single day for your friends to notice, or say something random in the chat {no spamming or being rude or caps} and leave the server, or change your signature to something random, etc.)

    New Updated Rule: If you do a crazy dare, (such as drop party lots of diamonds or give away a beacon or even give away a most prized item,) you will be put on the wall of Dare Devils. There will be 3 ranks. 1 is Dare of the Month. 2nd is Supreme Diamond Dare'er. And last is Dare Devils. Keep on daring! And remember, you are not forced to do the dare, all is just for fun! :) *Dare of the Month is picked by me.*

    Feel free to post screenshots if it was ingame for laughs. You must read the rules or you can comment. :D
  2. wisepsn i dare you to go to the edge of the map on smp6 :)
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  3. Bitemenow, I dare you to try and kill an enraged zombie with your fist.

  4. Boozle I dare you to kill an enraged creeper with a wood sword.
  5. Done in advance. :)

    Jacob, I dare you to build a giant Rubik's cube on your residence!
  6. Do it again. *This comment doesn't count to dare on*
  7. does it count if i killed momentus with my fists?
  8. If you want to. It would be epic if you posted a screenshot of it :) *do not reply this comment with a dare*
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  9. bitemenow, i dare you to have a pony skin for the rest of the day
  10. jtc, I dare you to have a slime skin untill tomrrow
  11. 2013-07-06_13.59.43.png

    I hate this skin ._.
    *Do not reply with dare*
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  12. Epic, i dare you to give away one your most prized item away for free
  13. Oh snap!!!!
  14. Jtc, I dare you to drop 2 sets of full diamond armor at spawn
  15. Lol, thank God i don't have the materials or rupees to do that xD
    *Do not reply with dare*
  16. I dare you to blow up what's left of the smp5 party house.
  17. Who?
  18. Qwerty I dare you to go the nether and drown in lava. in leather armor.
  19. 2013-07-06_15.43.34.png
    I gave away my trusty pick. *Don't reply with dare*