I can't draw but I drew anyways and this happened

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  1. So I found a contest on PCMR (/r/pcmasterrace shameless plug) and I drew something for my entry. I know I'm not going to win but I was bored so I did it anyways. If you've seen me draw before, you should know the product is always a sinister piece of crap that nobody should have to look at.

    But hey, this one didn't come out half bad.
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  2. Lol I love the "Doubles as a heater in the winter" one.
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  3. I'd vote for you :p
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  4. I swear, my laptop already does this... lmao.
  5. Heck if I tried to run this GPU in my current PC, I'm sure I'd kill the internals lol. I'd need to upgrade my psu, my motherboard, my cooling system, and possibly my cpu. But overall I still have a nice system now.

    Nice drawing though.
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  6. Yes. So much yes. If I put my laptop on my bed for a bit while having minecraft on, it'll heat like half of my bed lol.
  7. I don't think you'd need a new motherboard unless you're on something really old that doesn't even support PCI-E 3.0 (even 2.0 will suffice). Cooling doesn't really matter since the GPU is its own cooling system and the R9 Fury X in specific is water cooled by default so the entire cooling environment is completely separate from the rest of your system. As long as you have a 120x120 fan mount somewhere in your system to mount the radiator you'd be fine as far as cooling.
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  8. If you have it on your bed you're probably suffocating it :p

    Also, reason number 8 is true. antialiasing is very hard.

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  9. lol. Try playing a AAA title without antialiasing at all on 1080p. Anti aliasing is the difference between a beautiful game with textures that took years to make that were perfectly stitched together and a game that was drawn on a chalkboard by a 4 year old in an hour.
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  10. Well... maybe a bit yes lol. But it hasn't died yet... ;) Nah it's not that bad, unless I put my blanket and stuff over it lol.
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  11. Lol, I died laughing at the heater one :p

    I'm building a new system actually, parts should be coming in a week :)
  12. What psu would you recommend for a card like this? I looked online and couldn't find any reliable information. I currently have a 350w psu so I would need an upgrade to run a card this powerful.(Only asking because eventually I want to upgrade to a powerful card like this.) As far as the motherboard goes, I'll have to check and see what I have exactly. No clue on the fan mount though.
  13. I'm surprised if you can run any discrete GPU on a 350W power supply. What are your planned specs? You'll want to just add up the TDP of all the components and overshoot that by about 30-40%. I'll do that if you don't know how.
  14. I have found a few cards that can run on that low of a power supply. I am planning on upgrading that power supply soon since is so low and I do want to upgrade my GPU to something more powerful.

    I'll add them up. Thanks. :)
  15. Yeah.. Like a GT 720? Lol. No decent GPU will run on that low wattage :p
  16. A GT730 will run :p (not really decent but...)

    My current card is a Radeon R7 240 2GB and it runs most games nicely.

    What would you recommend for a decent GPU?
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  17. Depends on the budget. I wouldn't bother buying anything under $100 because the value would be too awful.
  18. My laptop's usually about double the air temperature so it works best in summer... :p