I am looking for the top best builders to come to my outpost and build stuff like homes for me.

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by The_Builder500, Nov 26, 2017.


So fill free to ask me ine qustins.

yes 5 vote(s) 62.5%
no 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. and you will get one too for helping me build them
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  2. I will bay them 20k
  3. Excuse me but... What about staff and build what?
  4. Not sure if troll thread but I can't understand what this is about.
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  5. Correct me if I am wrong, The_Builder500: I am looking for the best builders to come to my outpost to build (stuff and ?) luxurious homes for me. Feel free to ask me any questions. You can stay in one of the homes if you help and I will also pay you 20k Rupees.
  6. That is correct
  7. Well, if Pab is correct: Designs actually are quite a lot more expensive as 20Kr. I do personally ask (In my build service) 150Kr for a full residence house, I assume that you want something that size. I can't keep up withh the building requests with prises like that. In fact, I don't think any good builder can keep up with their building requests, when they do build for other people. I suggest giving a little bit more, or, at least make it a special project, most people like a chalange.
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  8. I need help so how is in and how is out
  9. May i suggest building an outpost with some friends and growing it over time? People are not really willing to build in the wild cheap and be for someone else.

    Or may i suggest being part of another outpost first and make some friends there?
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  10. I do have fends but they are always rally bize
  11. I feel terrible about asking but can you explain what you want I did not understand the title.
  12. so many 'qustins' so little 'tyme'. :rolleyes:
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  13. I need the best builders to come to my out post and but good homes
  14. Most builders will cost way too much for you. May I suggest again making friends and build a outpost with those?
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  15. I do have friends but they are to baize with there one projects.
  16. You did not read... I said
    May I suggest again making friends and build a outpost with those?
    May I suggest getting your friends and build a outpost with those?
  17. I fixed the title of the thread to help other members understand what he wants done.