Hunger Saturation Rate Faster than Normal

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  1. Has anyone recently had this problem? This evening, my hunger saturation rate seemed to be faster than usual?

    This evening, bread and baked potatoes would only fill me up for a one or two minutes before I'd be down to 1-2 meat pops.

    Usually, I'd be full for a good 5-10 minutes and maybe go down 2-4 meatpops and then having to eat.

    My friend who is a supporter, and with at the time didn't have a similar issue,

    Anyone else having this problem? Could it be because I'm not a supporter?

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  2. Yes, BrenJone and I are also facing this problem. Was food nerfed in 1.7?
  3. I am sure that has less saturation than if you eat steak, chicken, or just pork.
  4. He's talking relative to how the saturation was before the update for ALL foodstuffs.
  5. Yeah, I am sometimes losing hunger as fast as it regenerates in town/an outpost.
  6. I'm losing tons of food...
    Carrots used to last me somewhat- decently but now they are gone within half a minute.
    I lose a food bar every ten minutes or so :/
    This being a full set of food.
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  7. thanks obama
  8. We can blame obama for everything so... yay! :)

    Also yea, I went through like 44 bread in under 30 minutes :(
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  9. i am having this same issue.
  10. I was traveling long distance and noticed this with steak.
  11. i realized a couple of youtubers are having the problem too D:
  12. … democrats. :/
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  13. Why are there so many "thanks obama" jokes on this types of threads.. XD
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  14. Yepper same here D: don't know what's going on.
  15. Same. I kept on losing so much hunger when I was playing. I even have video proof. I went though 32 steak so fast...
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  16. Hasn't been happening for me...
    I'm eating steak and sprinting around nether fortresses.
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  17. I've been in Mesas having to eat a stack of potatoes every hour. What's going on D:
  18. Baked or regular?
    If regular that makes sense :p
  19. Baked.
    1. So maybe food will finally go up in value.
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