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  1. So recently i watched the hunger games for the 5th time i think xD and I've always wanted to make my res a hunger games themed res, so I've decided to make my res (drum roll please) THE HUNGER GAMES ARENA!! i need help, from hunger games fans ;) to make this happen and i would happily accept donations, BIG or small.

    Please PM me if you would like to help/donate or just inbox me on the site!
    Thanks -Creeper_Lord
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  2. Have you read the books? If not, you must not be a good Hunger Games fan...
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  3. I have read all the books and the first film and the second :D
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  4. I am pretty hungry...
  5. same, I really need to eat right now...
  6. Not sure if off topic or not...

    I might donate a little something from one fan to another, depending on what you need :p
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  7. This thread is saying tayla's name on it xD
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  8. When I saw 'Hunger Games Fans' I thought we were gonna start a club or something .n.

    Anyways, this arena will it be on a utopia residence or a normal one? Because I remember some people trying it on SMP7 and it did not work out >_>
  9. If you need donations you can apply for some by my company. It's free
  10. I have watched the two films. The first one was kinda good, but they really did a horrible job with the design in the second film, and there were way too many kisses. And yes, I've read the books. If you are going to build the arena I suggest you make the cornucopia golden, because that's how suzzane describes it in the books.
  11. Thanks for all of the reply's :D and that's what i was thinking flaming xD and Tayla i will be doing this on my utopia res, i just need help with the arena and i think you Tayla will be a great help indeed:D
  12. Thanks guys it would be so much help if you could help/donate i want it to be a one of a kind arena :D
  13. Which arena will we make though? :confused:
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  14. thats what i have no idea about, the first one is probs harder the second one will be really simple?
  15. The second one is easy to make, just a jungle clock :D And it would be awesome if you added the actual traps, like the wave and the birds etc.
  16. Yeah its simple to make but the traps will be mega hard like the lightning,fog,birds,acid rain etc... :(
  17. If you have not read the trilogy 24 Times And counting, you are not a true fan.
  18. The 50th arena was quite cool.
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  20. It's blood rain, not acid rain.
    It's not supposed to be a good arena, it's supposed to be based around the victory tour and the events of rebellion that cause the events in Mockingjay.
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