<HUGE GIVEAWAY> Gold Voucher and more!!!

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    1. Hello! Welcome to my giveaway post, I'm giving these items away because I've decided to quit. This giveaway will be and is random, winners will be chosen with -Random.org- Giveaway is open to all meaning moderators, developers, random players, players I dislike etc. NOTE: I Know not all of the heads were given away, it's because they will be hidden in a grief party that I will be doing on an unknown date :3
    2. Gold voucher +80k rupees +3 Beacon and 3 staff heads of choice
    3. 55k rupees +2 Beacons and 2 staff heads of choice +Cupid Bundle
    4. 45k rupees + 2 staff heads of choice +Empire firework 2014
    5. 45k rupees + 1 staff heads of choice + Magical Eggcellent wand
    6. 30k rupees +Stack of Cupid arrows
    7. 30k rupees +Stack of Cupid arrows Giveaway winner #7 25k rupees + Dragon Stone
    8. How to enter- Reply with a picture of you on Minecraft or IRL or if that's too difficult just comment anything for a chance to win. Please try to comment as little as possible!
  1. How do we enter said giveaway?

    Also, sorry to see you go.
  2. Ignore the fact that it is all messed up and hard to read sorry!
  3. nice of you to make a good image when you are having, thanks for the giveaway and i hope EMC community stays with you
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  4. well crap. Sorry it took so long to that that I forgot that part please hold until I re-edit it.
  5. Wow quite the giveaway! Count me in. Here's me in my nether base:

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  6. I have edited the OP but you've pretty much already done what you have to do so you're good!
  7. A picture of me at the most recent Big Dig event.

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  8. There is a creeper with my chickens? How did it even get in there!
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  9. Count me in!
    Sad that you quit even though I never met you ;c
    This is the first image I found, I only even had that skin for one day... :)
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  10. We'll miss you. Can't wait for the giveaway though!
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  11. Sorry to see you go! Here's me at my res on SMP8:
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  12. My theme park...
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  13. #EpicSelfie I randomly took a selfie :p
  14. <---- There is a picture of me in Minecraft

    If I may ask, why are you leaving?
  15. I'm sorry to see you go. :( It's nice of you to do the giveaway since you're leaving, however. Quite generous of you.

    Giveaway selfie image:
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  16. I can't see the image no matter you have still entered XP
  17. Sad to see you go :(
    but thanks for the givaway! Enjoy a baby me!