<HUGE GIVEAWAY> Gold Voucher and more!!!

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  1. Sorry to see you go I couldn't get the picture upload to work so I'm just going to just post ;D
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  2. It's so sad to see a great member leave. Even though I never meet you personally I want to wish you the best in life. Sadly I'm struggling to much to upload a picture. Your generosity cannot be understated, continue to be such a great person.
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  3. Sorry to see you go!
    This is a pic of me and ItzBubblez in minecarts xD
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  4. That's always fun ;)
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  5. for you :)

    me standing in front of my tree, Yggdrasil ;)
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  6. That's cute ;,) ty
  7. Aww sorry o we you go.
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  8. Bump, staff heads including kryyssy chikeneer and more + 300k rupees enter now before it ends!
  9. All I had of current skin. My sig needs updating...

    *edit* Here we go.
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  10. Ah, I'll definitely be sad to see you go. I hope you come back one day. I'll edit this post tomorrow to contain an in-game photo of me. :)
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  11. Take care XxE3choxX!
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  12. one entrance please
  13. I'd like to enter.

  14. Do not have any pictures to upload. Wish you didnt have to leave.
  15. Count me in

    Edit: I'm on my phone so I can't get a screenshot.
  16. Nothing lasts forever I guess... I just hope you had a great time on EMC!