How to stay out of trouble on EMC.

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  1. It has recently came to me that due to the increasing numbers of players getting banned that I should create this thread. Here are ways to stay out of trouble on EMC.

    • Do not grief or steal.

    This can get you into some serious trouble with the staff and can really upset the player who's build you griefed or stole from as they have worked long and hard building the structure and gathering items.

    • Do not hack or use illegal mods.

    We understand that mods do help enhance one's gaming experience but when it starts to make everything unfair that is when you have crossed the line.

    • Do not abuse server bugs.

    This is a very serious issue we have with some players on EMC and this applies to using illegal mods it makes it unfair to those who worked long and hard to get their items.

    • Be polite and respect other players.

    While this is pretty much a no-brainer I know a good bit of rude and disrespectful players on EMC. Understand that this is a place where some people come to escape the problems of real life and disrespectfulness is the last thing these players need. I myself have encountered a player who enjoys insulting me and trying to 1up me on everything, nobody likes players who just want to give them a hard time.

    I hope you all find this thread useful and if you have any other things you would like to add to this thread then please comment them below.

    Thank You,
  2. How not to get banned in 1 easy step:
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  4. its true about the rules, but its also true that there are a /lot/ of them :confused:

    so i like a small summary as this! ^.^
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  5. I know but let's face facts, how many players actually read the wiki. I do but I know most don't.
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  6. It's plastered on announcements and everywhere in the tutorial. If players don't listen to the rules taught to them in the tutorial and advertised across the server in several ways, most likely this thread isn't something they'll pay attention to either.
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  7. The rules are given to you when you take the tutorial. They are given an opportunity to learn them. It is a player's choice on whether or not they follow the rules.
  8. Well now we can say it is plastered on the help section as well. :p
  9. its literally in the game when you first start....
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  10. Yet how many players actually read it is the question.
  11. You have to read it in order to to complete it. The tutorial quizes you on the rules of the server. If you don't read it and you just run through it, you won't complete the tutorial
  12. What makes you think that someone is more likely to read your thread than the rules??
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  13. I know I'm just trying to clarify it since we have been seeing more players being banned recently.
  14. Players are banned because they CHOOSE to break the rules, not because they don't know them.
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  15. Yeah well what if I can stop them before they decide to break them.
  16. What makes you think that?
  17. I will tell you right now you can't. If a player wants to break the rules he/she will, there is no stopping that. They don't care about the punishment.
  18. you are literally going to have to bump this 24/7 because it will vanish into the other pages of the help area ._.
  19. I believe some can change.
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  20. Then I will do that. Apparently some can't appreciate me trying to see if I can at least help some rethink their decisions.