How to Peel a Banana

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  1. How to Peel a Banana

    Because you're human, I'm gonna guess that 95% of you have no idea how
    to quickly and easily peel a banana. Well, I'm going to fix that and teach you how!

    The way you probably usually peel a banana is probably like so: First, you grab the banana firmly in one hand. Then you grab the stem and yank it hard, cranking it towards the ground or something like that. I could never do it that well, to be honest. But anyway, you probably have more than once either failed to do this, mushed the entire top of the banana doing this, or ended up with an astronomical amount of those stringy things. Well, the method that I am about to show you is much simpler and will result in no mushed tops and (probably) far less strings. And, of course, it's REALLY hard to screw up. :)

    Step 1: Pick the banana up and hold it with the stem pointing towards the ground. When I refer to the stem, I'm talking about that long skinny part at the end of the banana. :)
    Step 2: Now we peel it like a monkey. Pinch the top of the banana (the part opposite of the stem) and peel it off.
    Step 3: Now the banana should peel easily and willingly. Continue to peel from that end until you have successfully peeled the banana.
    Step 4: Congrats! You're done. Now go enjoy that banana!

    Now that you know how to peel a banana, you can amaze all your friends with your amazing peeling skills!
    That's all for now. I hope you learned something today! :)
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  2. I do that way lol, good to know I'm not the owny person who does this lol
  3. I've never had problems peeling a banana.
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  4. I always break it in half, it peels off easily...
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  5. My bananas peel themselves :cool: No? Nope, no one gets that reference? Okay.
  6. Well never had problem peeling a Banana but just learn new trick to opening beer. I believe it's the future
  7. My way: Grab a binana (lololol wrang) then erratically keep smashing it against a hard surface. Comes out mushy , but...erm...Enjoy!
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  8. iFunny.
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  9. Challenge accepted
  10. Am I the only one that laughed really hard when reading this? :p
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  11. I like to make a little slice up by the stem to keep the top unsmushed.
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  12. Honestly, I don't know. I did not laugh in each case. There may be someone else who did though.
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  13. NOOOOOOOO dwight where did you get tht gif of groot???
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  14. I've been peeling my bananas like that for years
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  15. I really expected a HowToBasic video...
  16. Hehehehehehe IFunny...
  17. Nah, that would've been too easy. :p I'll find one, though, there are plenty out there.
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  18. HE HAS IFUNNY! Iam not the only one of my kind!
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