How To Make Slanted Planks/Posts?

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  1. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

    I'm planning an Outpost to be a recreation of a Viking ring fortress (two of those photos in the imgur link are of a reconstruction of a quarter of one of these forts). Basically, they were large symmetrical circle fortresses with a number of longhouses inside. I've been wondering how to make the slanted logs on the ramparts and on the sides of the houses, and from all the viking-style Minecraft houses I've seen, they usually went with a lower roof and completely vertical posts for support. This doesn't work for my ramparts, and I want to be as accurate as possible but don't see how to make something like this look good in Minecraft since building diagonally can be a bit weird. Any suggestions?
  2. Maybe like 2 blocks tall then in one and repeat it wait for 1.13 for the all sided wood blocks
  3. Yeah all sided wood might help.
  4. Did some testing myself...

    This is the most historically accurate I could get it without bark blocks on player scale in ~5 minutes:

    (Forget the background, this is my general design testing world)

    Yes, it uses cobblestone and stone bricks, but those blocks do have the right colour. You could, of course, also do it with oak logs and spruce slabs/stairs, jet that would be really brown. I prefer the gray, though they may have incorrect textures.

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  5. Thanks for doing that testing! :) I was trying something similar myself but wasn't completely happy with it. I think my favorite so far was basically what you have here except I was doing 2 logs down each time instead of one.
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