How much is your head worth?

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How much rupees do you think your head is worth?

0 6 vote(s) 14.3%
<100 3 vote(s) 7.1%
100-250 5 vote(s) 11.9%
250-500 6 vote(s) 14.3%
500-1K 3 vote(s) 7.1%
1-5K 3 vote(s) 7.1%
5-10K 2 vote(s) 4.8%
10-50K 6 vote(s) 14.3%
50-100K 1 vote(s) 2.4%
100K+ 7 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Hey guys!
    nothing to do at the moment, so I have a question for you. How much do you think your head is worth?
    Usually I act heads worthless if not from someone famous :p, because why would someone want them? But I think some of them could be very worthfull, even know I dont realize.
    So when is your head alot worth, and when not?
    -How many people have your head? If halve of all the people on the EMC have your head, it wouldnt be worth alot o.0
    -How many heads are there, that you DONT own yourself? If there are 10 people that have your head 1 million times, your head wont be worth alot.
    -You are known by something? Very active in community, owner of a mall, or moderator (really, that increases worth alot :p)
    -Do you often give heads away? or do you sell them? so yes, what price? If the only way to get your head is paying 100,000 rupees (yeah that is an insane amounth but just for the spirit of the thread), your head will be worth 100,000 rupees, because there is no cheaper way to get it.

    So, I think my head will be worth around 500r?
    As far as I know, there is only one person besides me that owns my head (if he didnt sell it). I think he has around 3 of my heads.
    I am diamond supporter, I think some people in my timezone on smp4 might know me well, so I am not a random person that is probably on derelict like I said above :p

    how to Increase your worth
    step 1: Dont pvp alot, or sell them, try to get all your heads back so you are the only owner.
    step 2: once you have them, make people to know you. This doenst make you needing a mega mall or supportership, but organaize events, be active on forums, and help people
    step 3: Sell your heads for a price you want, dont make them to high because now one would buy it, but dont make it to low either, because then you would lose alot of them and if alot of people have them you decrease worth again. To keep the amount of heads selling in control by mainually sell them, do NOT use shop signs
    ^of course to much work to increase your head worth :p

    I think my head worth will increase, because I am currently not selling or giving away any, and I am opening my mega mall on smp4 soon, (only need to place the signs, so halfway done xD) they need one :p.

    I would like to know what you guys think of this :D
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  2. my head is worth millions... simply 'cause my head drop is off, and there is, and will always be, just one... and my sister owns it o.0
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  3. But would others say that too? ;P
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  4. I tend to be reclusive--so no fame to had. :)

    That out of the way, I think only about 3 of my heads are in circulation somewhere. More than likely resting with now derelict players (so that count may be down to 1 at most).

    Being well known would certainly add a credible sum to each noggin! Quite a few players that I've seen when I was new have garnered quite a reputation for themselves now. :)
  5. Being well known, yep
    It is like a rememberance poppy, no use but people are willing to pay alot for it
    Heads are useless too, but if someone would sell aikars head he would get around 120K for it?

    EDIT: you can equip heads tho
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  6. Mine would probably go for quite a bit seeing as nobody, not even myself, owns one of my heads :p
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  7. I think a fair few of mine are in circulation... so i guess mine is worth whatever someone wishes to pay for it from someone xD
    Staff heads are usually a considerable amount more than 'regular player' heads for various reasons. Special lored heads are worth absurd amounts, such as my orange Krysyy head ;) *strokes*
  8. 0 known Penguin heads exist. If someone haves one, they can redeem it for 10k by PMing me at Also, I speculate my head would be worth anything. Because I am the only person who can distribute them, I can set the price for anything I want. However, I'd expect few people to pay over 200r for it.
  9. If one was to become famous on EMC or the general MC community abroad--then we're looking at a lot of zeroes in the price tag. :p

    (spoiler: 1 mil, lol)
  10. i'd give ya 5k for your head.. i'd even buy 12 of them o.0
  11. Basically worthless - I suppose any head is nice just to display, even if the person is not extremely well-known. :)

    There are currently 2 PineappleGem heads (I own both of them). One from a while back (I don't remember how it dropped) and one from when I got killed by a Blaze at a Blaze farm. Yeah, I can't survive very well.

    I'm pretty sure I have head drop off now (at least for PVP, which I don't do anyway).

    I'll love to see what everyone else will write. :p
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  12. Only my close friends have a copy of my alts head and thats like 2 or 3 people lol. I'd say I'm decently popular (active on forums, been around for over a year, trade a lot within the community, own a casino, mall, shop, small museum, and sell enchanted tools in the biggest mall on EMC) so thats why I sell Mirr0rr's head at my co-owned mall for 2.5k each. I might start selling my alts head for like 30k each tho but idk maybe.
  13. I had no idea a decapitated Penguin was so adorable that people had to hang the stuffed head on their wall. But in all seriousness, drophead is off for me and will stay that way infinitely.
  14. I have some heads out there. I used to trade heads with closer friends on EMC and I gave a few away in events of mine, though I have not given out a ton of my heads. Somehow MrUnknownian managed to get four of mine, perhaps he bought some off of others! :p I don't plan on giving out anymore heads, at least for the time being. I thought of selling it at my Museum after it was built, but nothing has really come of that idea (yet).

    I'm not sure how much my head is worth. I remember someone buying one for around about 20k earlier last year, though that could had been a one off or it could even be worth more now. I think that the easier thing here would be to ask other people how much they would buy my head for... :p

    EDIT: I have the drop head and PvP drop head set to off on my /ps.
  15. Does a Looting enchanted weapon increase the drops of player heads? The odds?
  16. You cannot kill other players anyways, and if you mean PvP, then no, if their head drop is on for PvP then the killer simply receives one head and if the drop is off then they receive nothing. :)
  17. Yeah sorry about that. Just realized how vague my comment was. :p
  18. My head isn't now, and will never be worth anything. Not planning on charging anything for it anytime soon, and if anyone wants one, I'll do my best to get them one :)
  19. My head is so worthless; I have to pay people to take it. :p
  20. well, you did say you'd give 10k for any that other people have... I was just trying to double my money =P