How Many Tokens?

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  1. Tokens have been out about 4 months now and I thought it might be interesting to compare totals.

    I really hope that at some point, exp will be replaced by tokens on the leaderboards. Right now, all our leaderboards tell us is who spends the most time standing in front of a grinder.

    Anyhow, my token total is 36,697. What is yours?
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  2. I completely agree with the leaderboard thing.

    My token count is 7,183, all from voting. I don't go enraged hunting much.
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  3. It's pretty cool that you can get that much just from voting.

  4. and rising ;)

    +1 for leaderboard
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  5. And im just sittin here like "yeah I got 10 Das enough"
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  6. 18,889 Tokens, and haven't gotten any from a single mob as far as I recall. Simply my voting streak gets me a nice amount of Tokens, over time, of course :p
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  7. I have 28 on my alt. /proud
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  8. Tokens.png

    My account is a little under a month old and hate the /wastelands.
    I think I have a decent amount so far. [: but not nearly as much as you!
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  9. 22,536 along with a few thousand on my alt. Mostly from voting but i used to enraged hunt a little and have gained some through firefloor and Mini bosses such as momentus :)
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  10. My current token total is 7761 all of which came from voting and defending myself against enraged mob attacks while mining and gathering in the wastelands.

    There will always be players who's main goal is to sit on top of the leaderboards. Such players will alter the way they play just to stay on top. The only way to eliminate leaderboard vanity and manipulation is to just not have a leaderboard.
  11. I have 556 or something stupidly small
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  12. 99% of mine are from voting: 31,174. I wonder how much wild land protection will cost? Or how land I can buy with my current token amount?
    "Tokens will also be the primary currency used to claim land for your Empire in the Frontier!"
  13. 8117, most are from voting. I got a ton at the start, probably 4k just from enraged
  14. 17,000 tokes at the moment
  15. 25097, only from voting.
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  16. Currently mine is sitting at 31,340
  17. I have 115 xD. But I took a break for a few months. I gotta get voting, how does the vote bonus thingy work?
  18. I currently have -190 tokens.
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