How many tokens do u have?

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  1. Just wondering how everyone is doing with tokens . I currently have 122 lol .
  2. Are you ready for this?
    0 Tokens :l
  3. 24 ATM. I am hsving trouble finding enraged mlbs lately.
  4. Haha few , I don't feel too bad no
  5. I have roughly 306. I'm too lazy to log on and look.
  6. 4540 but i should have 4k more if marlix gave tokens
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  7. wow very nice
  8. 0. Pretty happy with it :p
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  9. There needs to be a lifetime token leaderboard, would give a bit more motivation to get them.
  10. very true, and we dont know what they r used for yet, once we find out everyone is going to go crazy hunting mobs
  11. 240 or something, forget exactly. It's funny because before this update I used to run into enraged mobs everywhere, but now they are no where to be found.
  12. i think they are turned down in the wild for some reason i hardly ever see them out there wastelands is where to go for them tho
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  13. Yeah I was in the wastes, it might have just been bad luck I suppose. I wanna try doing some 8+ grouped enraged farming, I think it would be fun.
  14. that would be fun
  15. 0. I'm not killing monsters, even if I will be left out for so many things.
  16. 383 at the moment, haven't found any bosses or anything.

  17. going for 10k some time today
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  18. Very nice , I haven't actually had to time just to go hunting , maybe today I will
  19. The update did not change spawn rates at all, but note when more people are in the Wild/nether, there will appear to be less spawns.

    If someone else gets the spawn, you won't get one until next spawn wave.
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