How many Pots of Gold should I buy?

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Should I buy more Pots of Gold?

Yes 5 vote(s) 50.0%
No 5 vote(s) 50.0%
More what? 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So, I've got 54 at the moment. With this, I get around 14 blocks of gold a day. Should I get more? Will their worth increase when the promo goes out of the shop? I feel like I should buy more, however, I don't really want to waste too much money on this.

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  2. If you use them all then their worth is not as much. Most collectors look for unused items more then anything.
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  3. How can you tell if it's used or not?
  4. You can't tell if they have been used, that doesn't apply to this promo. It didn't seem like pot of golds increased a whole lot in value compared to other promos but they are useful in and of themselves so I guess, buy as many as you can afford if you want to use them for that purpose. If you want to invest for a return I would suggest other promos or ironically, gold at this point to make golden apples as they won't be able to be made soon. the Notch apples made with gold blocks, not the regular ones.
  5. You can tell if they are used because used ones don't stack with others. Unused ones can stack to 64.
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  6. Buy More!!!
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  7. I never buy them for use. I got 2 for use, just for fun, and the rest I keep. They give so little per pot, it seems very unlikely to me that you'll get the value out of it, even if you use it every day (which is very tedious if you've got a lot).
  8. I just used my (old) pot of gold, and got 18 nuggets --> 2 gold. (I think you often get more than that)
    Let's say the current price of gold is 16 rupees each, times 2 --> 32 rupees a day
    They currently cost 15k a pop, so 15000 ÷ 32 = 468.75, which means you'll have profit in 469 days.

    Combining that the gold price will probably have gone up even more then, and that you often get more than 18 gold nuggets, you'll have profit even earlier.

    Also, you can use macros to open them, so you can stay lazy ;) (which I really should do...)
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  9. Hm, that's more than I expected!
    Oh well, I'm too lazy to sell the gold even, so I think I'll keep with stuffing them in my vault :p
  10. I'd first use them for the countless amount of powered rails I'll need. After that, I'd probably dump them in my shop, storage, or wait for a dc of ingots, and auction that ;)
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  11. All right, so is it decided that I should buy more, to use them, make a macro to automatically use them, and be lazy? :D Sounds good to me!
  12. I can sell you like 14, if ya want. (used)
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  13. Will you sell me 4 for like 40k? :3
  14. I just sell mine, I have never used them, what kind of items do you get from them?
  15. Golden nuggets.
  16. Ok, thought it might be more than that.
  17. how much are used ones I might get one although I am meant to be saving up :p
  18. Ask in-game, you might be able to get one for as low as 10k :p

    I'd say that if you use them, feel free to buy more. But seeing as how the promos are rereleased each year, don't expect to get a massive return on the promos if you decide to sell them. Unless you sell them before they come out next year (if they do), and you could get a good profit, so it's up to you! :)
  19. i want to get a cheap one to use i will pay like 7-9k for one
  20. Then go ask around in-game or make a thread in products and services :)