How do you pronounce your EMC friends' names?

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  1. Comment any of your EMC friends and how you pronounce your name, also include how your name was meant to be pronounced when you claimed it through MC.. In theory this should get ridiculously funny.

    I'll start:
    xHaro_Der; ex Hair oh Dare
    JackBiggin; Jack Big in
    Todd_Vinton; Tod Vin tun
    Erosego; Ear ohz e go
    Bussgil; Buzz gill
    Ahksel; Ax el
    Aikar; Ay kar
    Maxarias; Max air e us
    Kevdudeman; Kev dood man (<-- not too exciting)
  2. Aikar; I Car
    TheMinner; Min ner
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  3. Jacob ~ jacoobe
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  4. Most people say Aikar like I Car, but I say it like Al a Kar :D
  5. I used to say "A car" but now I say "I car" :p
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  6. I just think. THINK!! ;)
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  7. Some people say my name like Skay-uh but its Sky-ah
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  8. brick - strike
    It's not to hard :p
    mba - 2012
    hey a roo (like Hey! A roo! :p)
    Max a re as (max... :p)
    The Miner/ Min - ner 333
    Mr. Legit, is legit.
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  9. eklektoi - egh - leck - toy
    ItsMeMatheus - eeeh ts Me Ma' t'ea os
    Kevdudeman - Khev doodh man
    Also I say Aikar - like eye car infront of him - but when i'm with Math, or by myself, i'll say ' Ai Kuhr'
  10. Erosego is pronounced e rose go. Not ero sego.
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  11. Hash98- (h)(a*as in aaachoo*)(sh)-(nyne)(tee)-(ate)
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  12. I just ate. You know, just saying.
  13. Maxarias - max are ee ass
    Aikar - eye car
    Justin Guy - Justin guy
    IcecreamCow - moo
  14. Yeah, I just recently learned it's e rose go. Just like we all learned a while back it's Eye Car not A Car

    sonicol1= sonicoal1. Usually just call him sonic.
    Ahzeriel- Ahz ree el- Ahz for short.
    Sqiggleyjeff- Squiggley Jeff - usually Squaggles because Mumble is dumb.
    JCPlugs- Jay See Plugs
    shon14- Shawn14
    T1zzle120- Tizzle
    Heyaroo- Heya Roo
    PortalShoo2er- Portal Shooter
    CamerinDrake- Camrin Drake
    Britbrit3197- Brit Brit 3 1 9 7
    HydraulicHawg- Hi drawl ic Hog

    Most of the time people think my name is Pandas Eat Raymen and then I have to explain that 1. Ramen is an asian noodle dish/instant 2 min noodles you boil from a packet. and 2. I'm not a boy named Raymen/Raymond who gets eaten by pandas.
  15. Nuuu


  16. I pronounce hers as 'air (trill r) oh - say - jo (j is ʒ)
  17. wat
  18. ISMOOCH - eye-smooch if you are a close friend, Your Sassiness if you are a commoner speaking to him, His Sassiness if you are referring to him in third person
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  19. Meanie! Jack said the a word :(
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  20. ʒ is Ezh (letter) ... it is like the s sound like you would say in the word Treasure or Precision
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