How do you pronounce your EMC friends' names?

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  1. Bumpz.. Be sure to include your own name pronunciation as well! :)
  2. Importerer - eye m port er er
  3. What..?
  4. I pronouce Aikar aw-ki-air
  5. PRO_G4NGST4: PRO gee fur en gee ess tee fur
  6. icecreamcow= ass creem coow
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  7. dogsrnice - billy bob guy... how do you think its pronounced :p
  8. Wisepsn - Wise pen/pin
    Ismooch - eye smoooooo ch
    chickeneer - KFC
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  9. De - Mon -Thun - Der...

    Ice - Cream - Cow

    BadSmartCat (Really is GoodDumbdog)
  10. Since I have just about 1-3 'friends' here
    I might just make a video of my saying a load of peoples names

    My followers and everyone who posts on this thread would be a good start :p
  11. I used to say aikar like ak-er, then I realized it was more like i-kar. :p
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  12. Pro gahng stah Fair enough:p
    It's also funny how I say people like jtc1999 and jcplugs in Dutch, with dutch numbers and dutch alphabet.
    I don't know how people call me, but I'm meant to be six zero seven and not sixhundredandseven, FYI.
  13. generalfelino015: general,or fel
    sonicol1: his real name that i will not say :3
    Dead_On_Justice: dead
    deathconn: death
    samsimx: sam
  14. My name you ask?

    Here it is, prepare to be shocked

    Darks ooperl ord
  15. Inm poor t er er
  16. brick strike :p
  17. The Epik Five
    Equ nox Boss
  18. Nu!

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  19. Eye Kwipsys?




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  20. ISMOOCH: Sass ie smooch
    Quequay: Kweekway
    Notch: Notch
    Navyrob: Navy Rob
    brickstrike: brickstrike
    boozle628: booz lll six two eight