How do you get motivated to play minecraft?

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  1. About 10 years ago it was a bit hard to stop plying, mostly on here or the now dead conwy castle server (I'm assuming its ok to mention since its been gone for years, ill edit this out if its not)

    nowadays though i just find myself getting board within just a few minuets even though i often think about building something interesting. maybe im just not into it now that im older or its that proper level editors are a better creative outlet for me, but its like there's still a desire to play it that doesn't seem like i can really satisfy.

    and yeah I've tried mod packs and the issue there is the overwhelming amount of things to do just kinda leads me to not really know where to even start and i'll give up.
  2. This is soooo recognizable..
    I do struggle often with the same issue. Tried modpack, but get overwhelmed.
    Tried to challenge myself with hardcore SP worlds and the list goes on.

    The main thing I try to do, what kinda works for me.. Is to take building way slower then I used to do.
    Do little bits of for example interior. Even if it is just finishing (or not..) 1 room.
    And if I can't come up with anything, I just log out and leave it how it is.
    Does this fully satisfy my desire to play? Nope.. What will do? I cant answer that question sadly enough!
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  3. I like to make a mental note about the things I could be working on and then prioritizing which ones are not necessarily easier, but a better use of my time.

    Break your builds or goals down and work on smaller portions. You can always come back later and finish more and you might discover a better way to do something if you’re not so stressed.

    Pace yourself. You don’t have to work on it every day for hours on end. Sometimes I will go a couple days to distance myself from Minecraft in general so I don’t overdo it. Other times I might (arguably) spend more hours than I ought to burning sheep and melting diamonds.

    It’s up to you. Hope you find the solution that works best for you.
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  4. I think most people who play mc or other games get like that. I myself, have took a few months off from time to time.

    How I keep motivated, I have a mall in town and I also grind and sell items in the action. However, shops are not as busy so I work on my main base. Digy digy whole base, 256 x 256 all the way to bedrock, I have been working on this for a few years now and recently hit the original bedrock level, a small Chunk 60 x 60 is now a the new bedrock level; much harder slower going through deepslate.

    In between digging I will explore the waste for treasure and build red stone machines, tree farms and other structures.

    There are many things I have still not done in mc, like kill the dragon on my own and get an egg, and fight all the enraged mobs, I did a few in the early days but that part of the game is not for me.

    So I would say adjusting my game play is what keeps my interest, I sometimes do single player, starting from scratch, find food, mine until I get full diamond armour and tools and you can take that as far as you want to go but after 3 - 4 hours I tend to give up on that but you adjust to what suits you.

    I only play one other game I bought in 1996 called Lords of the Realm, it’s a turn game medieval during breaks from emc.

    Maybe some of this might help you enjoy the time you spend playing.


    Although I have not played modded mc for several years, I have played them. Before villagers had any use, there was a mod which you could interact with the village, get them to build you a house after you supplied them with certain materials and become part of the village. I believe you could eventually get these to a point of them attacking other ncp villages. Extreamly well programed for early mc. Also another one that you could mine using machines and convert minerals to diamonds and other goods once you reached certain level of play. Computer craft came from this where you could programs computer blocks ingame and build a nuclear reactor, there more up to date mods that do similar things for mining and converting to other materials. I think EMC could do more with modded mc but not on the main server, perhaps a portal to modded world on a stand alone server on moving items to smp's.

    I used to make YouTube videos on how to install the mods into mc and also some html webpage codeing, again I have not done this for several years, although I still have the channel but removed the videos. @thewebtuts

    So there are a lot of things you can do around mc to keep your interest
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  5. Maybe it's the lack of in game goals that's hard for me, one thing I did enjoy about some mod packs is the quest system some have to track progression, instead of just having arbitrary goals you have for yourself
  6. i go and come back from time to time. sometimes i work on things others i just stop by to say hi. depends on my mood
  7. I do love the quest system in modpacks too, it indeed gives you a goal to work towards. Maybe that is also my issue lol
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  8. Same here. I tend to fall into the completionist type play style, for achievements and quests that are not of the main objective. Nonetheless I think you should reach out and try to find some good players to join. It can help make all the difference between your perspective and your experience. ;)
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  9. i think its about creative, when you can build anything that come right from your mind, and its flexiable that you can insert mods for your own experience

    (For emc): Sometime i would like to resume abadoned project, make some improvements for farm, and make new things. Or very simple, stay in emc as i bored. It depend highly on my mood and this change drastically everyday
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  10. When you don't feel like playing minecraft, just make a break and one day you will maybe return and want to play again. After all, it's a game. Why would you feel bad for wanting to do something else? There are tons of games, activities, hobbies and social activities to choose from. There are times where minecraft is bae and there are times where minecraft is boring. That's how minecraft is. It's a freebuild world. But humans don't want to build all the time.

    Also maybe your self expectations are too high. What about playing minecraft an easy way, without beautiful builds, but just for fun? Or some pvp or horror adventure map? Hope I could give you some inspiration :)
  11. Me also, sometimes I just go fishing or hunting (mobs)
  12. Farm items when bored, then when you find motivation you have more materials for a better build or project