How Do you create Cool Name tags!

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  1. Hey I've seen a lot of players having a cool name tag below their post.
    For example (Cool Image Saying AlienHunter) Then below it says start a conversation or view profile page! How do you do this?
  2. Look in the top right hand corner, and put your mouse over the arrow pointing down. Click signature, and put whatever image/text you like. Whatever you type will be after every one of your posts on the forums
  3. Hover over your name on the topright of the screen and select "Signature"
    There you can enter what you want to be your "cool nametag below their post" :)
  4. Thanks but what about a video? Or a file I don't know how but one of the players had the picture but you can click the left to go to the home page and the right to go to the write a message! Do you know how?
  5. Yep. You must link the photo. If you highlight a piece of text/photo click the chain link icon and paste your link like this - EMC Website
  6. Apart from what the others have said; you're probably also wondering about all the different options; so that you can click several options in someone's signature. For example like the one Kryssy is using. The trick is really very simple: use multiple images which 'group together' and look like one big single image.

    Kryssy's signature images for example are all hosted on imgur and, well...

    That's the one which is used to message her. Then we have the next two...

    I put spaces in between these two so that you can clearly see what's going on here.

    Finally; how to make it so that you can click it? That's simple too, which I'll show with the 4th example picture:

    If you click this picture above you'll be taken to Kryssy's profile page. All I did was select the image, then click the "insert / edit link" option (the chain icon in the toolbar) and enter the URL. Of course you can also edit the markup code (BBCode) manually but this is probably easier on you. Sky's post below explains this much better than mine :)

    Now; to make such pictures you'd obviously need an image editor. There are quite a few available but personally I'd recommend using The Gimp. It's a completely free to use image editor which might have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you'll be able to do a lot of imaging.
    1. Get a picture.
      1. Find a picture > Right click it > Copy image URL
    2. Open the signature page.
    3. Click this button to place an image.
    4. Paste the image URL and then hit the insert button.
    To make the picture link to somewhere:
    1. Click your picture.
    2. Click the chain button.
    3. From there, enter the URL that you want the picture to lead to.
    4. Hit the insert button.
    5. Test it
    If you wish to unlink it, click the linked image and click the broken chain button.

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  7. Hmm What about this
  8. HTML:
    <a target="_blank"href=""><img style="border:0px;" src="" onmouseover="this.src=''" onmouseout="this.src='';" alt="Check%20Out%20my%20Profile%20Page" /></a><script type="text/javascript">img=new Image();img.src= "";</script>
  9. That did not work neither
  10. Copy the button image, then on this website,put your cursor over your name. Click where is says "Signature", once you are in the page,paste the button and save it.
  11. You need to use BBcode. I think you're using HTML there. Then do what Sky said.
  12. It's from the website I told him to use, you just need to copy and paste the image from the website...
  13. Ah, makes sense. Alienhunter, I managed to copy and paste it from the website, and link it to a PM. Doing exactly what Sky said will work, and the image you're going to right-click to get the URL is the button that's generated.