How do Player Heads work?

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  1. Okay so me and a friend have recently got into loving the idea of player heads used as decorations. How do they work though?

    First one we made was a Hamburger, we placed the head on the ground and my friend set up another skin of a bird. On my screen the Hamburger showed as a Hamburger, but on my friends screen the hamburger on my screen was showing as a bird.

    Do the heads change (after they've already been placed) once the player changes skins? Or is this a glitch? I had to log out a few times before both heads showed as a bird for me.
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  2. Normally the heads do not change when players change their skin. But I suppose glitches can happen from time to time, and it might also have something to do with the owner of the head (assumption on my part).

    But as said: normally heads do not change.
  3. I think they do change, actually.
    I think heads update to the new skin if the name is the same.
    So to get a new head but keep the existing skin on the own, you should first change your name.
    This is why the player head decoration services have new items only once a month, as you can change names once in 30 days.
  4. Normally the heads update to the new skin when placed if the persons' skin changed
  5. If they do then that's not common or intended behavior. I'm not much into heads so I can't say for sure what the current status is, but I do know it's not intended.
  6. I've played with it and normally it does not change. But sometimes it will look like the new skin head to me but not to other players.
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  7. Hm... I'm not sure, then... I think they definitely keep their skin if you change your name. They might sometimes keep it too if you don't, but perhaps it's less reliable.
  8. I'm seeing a lot of helpful answers that I'll have to try out later with my friend, anymore input is still appreciated though :)
  9. Who is it that has a business selling heads? She sells them and they keep good but she does have a disclaimer that if it turns to her current skin she will not pay the rupees back. There was also talk that when we updated to 1.9 that would cause the heads to turn to the current skin but it never happened. I wish I could remember her name. Look on the shop forums.
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  10. Well we're gonna try the renaming thing for now, thanks all!
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  11. Renaming doesn't work. I've tried countless times before. I find the head updates if you break it, right click it and then put it down again.