Decorative Head Business!!

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  1. Hewo Everyone!!

    So Far I Have Been Doing A Decor. Head Business Which I Had A Thread About That But Closed.

    May's Custom Head Is/Was A Burger Which Is Available At /v +pig and will be at /v +deco. On June 13th I will change my name and my skin to do a new head, but I still need some suggestions on what kind of head I should do!

    Every new head will start the 13th of that month!

    Plz Comment Head Ideas For July, Hope You All Enjoy This!!

    May-Burger Head:

    June-Lady Bug Head:

    July-Pancake Head:

    August-Rubik Cube Head:

    October-Bowl of Salad Head:
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  2. Animals, blocks, words :p
  3. A pokeball ;)
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  4. I'd buy medieval style beer mugs to decorate my frontier buildings, and I'm sure the guys from my outpost and other people with medieval buildings would like those too. Something like this.
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  6. bump!

    i am thinking of doing a lady bug!
  7. Bump!!

    June's Head Is A LadyBug Coming Out June 13th or 14th!!
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  8. Very cool!!
  9. !!New Head For June Now Out and Farming!!
    Will be available at /v +deco soon!

    Photo For New Head Will Be Available To See Tomorrow On This Thread!!
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  10. BUMP!!

    Lady Bug Head:
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  11. bump!!!

    Junes Head: Lady Bug!!
    Will be available soon at /v +deco !!
    Suggest heads for July!!
  12. Bump!!

    Dont forget to suggest heads for july!!

    I already have 2 in-game suggestions:
  13. bumparooni!!
    Dont forget to suggest heads for July!!
    Heads are available at /v +deco Restocking on Lady Bug heads today!!
  14. Soccer ball for the Euros :)
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  15. Bump!!
    Suggest some head ideas :D

    -Soccer Ball
    -Golden Toaster
  16. I don't know how popular this would be, but one idea I have is a set of heads that could be used to make pattern or picture walls. It's the kinda of thing I see normally done with map art, but I think the heads would add an interesting effect. For example, quarter circle heads in various colors, fleur de lis, plaids, stars, hourglass, triangle, etc. This would expand the heads into a "set" where players can make their own creations out of them much like minecraft blocks themselves. You may want to ask around to see how popular this idea would be since I tend to be a bit of an oddball.
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  17. This is a cool idea ill consider it :D
  18. bumparoonie!!
    July's Head Is....A Pancake!!

    Pancake Head:
  19. bump!!
    I need suggestions for August's deco. head and these pancake heads are now available at /v +deco
    I am farming more as I speak!