How can I make money?

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  1. Hi, EMC! I don't take a lot of pleasure in bugging everyone, but I need ideas.

    I wish to establish an income for myself. There are several reasons I want this; for an EMC supportership, to register as a world citizen and pay the annual dues, to continue to pay the annual fees for my membership in the political party I'm a member of, to build up a fund to kickstart a business venture when I'm old enough, and because money.

    At the moment, I have a couple of plans. I want to invest in Bitcoin, by buying when the price is low, selling when the price is high, and buying again. I'm also working on writing my second book. My first book was an absolute mess, probably the most incoherent thing I've written in hindsight, but my second book will be on a subject I know a lot about, that being my own political views, and the inspiration factor embedded in it will cause the book to go viral when I have it published, and I might be able to get it onto the iBook and Amazon Kindle stores.

    However, I need more ideas, because getting a bank account sorted out for the Bitcoin project is taking a while, I'm having difficulty accessing funds from my last book, and writing the current book is a long term project, and I need stuff to do in between now and such times as these longer term things can pay off. The question is in the title, how can I make money?
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  2. I can suggest an investment that is both very safe and highly profitable.
    You need only moderate funds, and you can get high long term gains that
    all the stock exchange brokers, bankers and thieves can only dream of.
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  3. Get a Job that pays $11/hr or more

    I'm 18 with a full time internship I make mucho dinero
  4. Keep talking. :cool:
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  5. Ok, you invest in three things: Health, Knowledge, and Heart.

    Health / Body:
    - food
    - living space
    - exercise, sport
    - sleep, recreation
    - company, peers

    Knowlegde / Mind:
    - education, schools, university
    - lectures, seminars
    - self-study
    - broad / general education, literature, art
    - developing IQ and wisdom

    Heart / Soul:
    - human place in the universe
    - meaning of the family
    - true love
    - spirit of the time, needs of the time

    - you can choose between best jobs => money (probably more than you will need)

    Side effects:
    - choose between the best and strongest if / when you want to start a family
    - prosperity and happiness for you, your (future) family and the generations to come.

    It's actually so easy ;)
  6. Why do you need to pay to be a in political party?
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  7. Don't know what it's like in NI, but i'm guessing it's the same as England and Wales (don't know about scotland, but probably the same too) you cannot really get a 'decent' job until you're 16+ and if you're under that (like me and volt) you can only get 'saturday' job with hardly any hours and really low wages, so there isn't much point in them :p
  8. Become a tutor when school starts back up, i was charging 10/hr for algebra and 15/hr for calc back in high school, ppl always need help. Especially before tests.
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  9. It's not as simple as you think. My father works investing. He had to study over 7 years to acquire a proper level. You must study too, just sayin'.
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  10. Well during the school year, I make LOADS of money by buying drinks in Bulk, and reselling them for $1.50 each at lunch hour. Every week I make a stop by SaveOn Foods and pickup maybe 50 cans of assorted beverages, pay around $20, resell them for $75 and profit $55, per week (average of course)
    However, before you start make sure this is allowed at your school (assuming you will be going to school after summer). I know a few schools in my area where this "business" is not allowed.
    If you can, you will see you are making lots of really easy money. I've been doing this for the past 2 Years and I have probably made close to 2.5 grand, and it involves very little effort.
    Best of luck!
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  11. Aha, my friend does this in my school, it isn't allowed but he still does it, most teachers don't care anyway :p
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  12. Write, write, write. If you like it, practice until you do it perfectly.
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  13. I am in the wrong business, i have only made a net profit from Djing, and various other things in music, of about 1K. Hey, the equipment payed for itself, but image the rig i could buy for 2.5K
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  14. There's a minimum membership fee you need to pay which goes towards administration (running the offices, paying the wages of the office workers) election campaigning, stuff like that.

    I do have skill in maths, I could do this over Skype :D

    This isn't allowed, the school cannot condone it because of Food Safety Authority regulations, which are in turn the fault of Michelle O'Neill, the Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development. Although my brother did this anyway, and he made a killing.

    That's what I'm doing with my current book :p

    I appreciate the value of the point you're trying to make, but I am currently looking for monetary investments with a short to moderate wait for a return. :)
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  15. Love it, But I think that he means more short sighted :p
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  16. Aw well that is unfortunate.
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  17. I have an idea, Its something you at home, You earn some cash and you get to sit at the computer.

    Its not alot of cash, But you can make some money if you work hard... Its also one of those where you can do what ever you want and only work when you want to..

    I don't use it since I'm a soccer referee and make quite a lot from that ,but check it out.
    There are several version for different countries, When I signed up, I did it at å ( The swedish version)

    The american version is:

    As I said, Its not alot of money, But you can make some bucks doing it and you get the money straight to your paypal account :)
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  18. I know just the business for you.

    One must learn to be rich. To be poor, anyone can manage. - Gustavo Fring

    Back in my day I mowed lawns and shoveled snow. I shared a paper route with a friend from around age 13 until nearly the time I graduated from high school. I moved on from that to working 3rd shift in a convenience store. Most adults have crappy job stories from when they were kids. We didn't expect to start as CEO in our chosen profession.
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  19. Doing that now :D
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  20. Nice, As I said, Its not alot of money but I did some math and if you have it as a full time job, You can, In theory, make about 2700 USD a month...

    Howewer, More realistic stats say something around 500 USD :)

    Howewer, Its alot of work :)
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