How can I defeat Marlix and Eyender without dying?

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  1. I don't have trouble defeating Momentus or even netherhounds, even on difficulty 5, if I have full Protection IV netherite armor and some golden carrots. I can also defeat Sorgina on difficulty 3 without dying, and I probably could manage her on at least difficulty 4 if I remembered to take fire resistance potions and honey (so only the cats are a real concern). I can also survive a night in the overworld on difficulty 8 if I have boss spawns disabled (even if enraged and event mob spawns are both still enabled) and deal with Blizz Ard at difficulty 8. Nonetheless, I struggle with Marlix and Eyender, no matter how low my difficulty is.

    Even on difficulty 1, I struggle with Marlix. My chestplate does have Thorns (which drains durability faster), but still, I hate having to retreat due to its low durability and return, and fight in water. I tried on difficulty 2 with fire resistance potions (so I wasn't confined to water) and an Infinity bow instead of my usual Mending bow. Nonetheless, it consistently had the upper hand, I almost died once, and I had to strategically retreat before it could break my chestplate (even with it having most of its health). Is there any better way to fight Marlix? I'm terrible at ranged combat, but I don't know whether an Arrow of Slowness or even an Arrow of Healing/Harming (is Marlix considered undead or not?) would work or not. Marlix is very hard to hit because he's so fast and not very big, and I'm already terrible at ranged combat.

    Any tips for Eyender? Even a battle in the water on difficulty 2 is one that I struggle with, and it's a virtually impossible enemy on land unless I'm willing to die and return (which leaves me vulnerable until I retrieve my netherite armor). I thought of a Potion of the Turtle Master, but I don't know how much good that would do. I'm very reluctant to fight him on difficulty 1 because although it's the tokens, not the item drops, that I care most about saving up, not having the charged pearls nor crystal pearls would weaken my attacks.
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  2. What you need-
    Full beacon coverage
    Flat ground with a few small hills
    Full netherrite gear with mending and all other enchants
    Bed near beacon
    Backup armor sets and tools chest setup around the area
    Xp dispenser
    Water dispensers to get the minions away some times
    Potion auto dispenser with the following max potions-
    Fire resist
  3. The Marlix wanders quite a bit making beacon coverage quite difficult. Unless you just blanket the area with beacons. You can have him sorta follow you / chase you back to a beacon but I find beacons taking waaaayy to much time. I do not recommend beacons for Marlix. Eyender works better with beacons. When I fight both the Marlix and Eyender I use 2 diff tactics but wear the same gear. FULLY Maxed Nrite Gear and yes I use Thorns 3 on anything diff 7 and lower. If you go diff 8 and up you will shred your armor quickly with Thorns.

    Marlix - Fully maxed gear. All protect 4 and all with thorns 3. Thorns for me ends up doing 1/3 to 1/2 the damage for me from him just hitting me with arrows lol. Take fire pots so the flame from bows don't hurt. Have a smite 5 sword. When you can get close enough to marlix the smite 5 sword does massive damage. Marlix will swoop in for those close shots once and a while but short lived. I believe chicken changed the AI slightly to help with this. It used to be terrible for Marlix to come in close for melee attacks. Have reg golden apples or halloween candy on hand. You will have to fend off alot of minions but they can drop the rare flame 2 bow. *Added bonus to fighting Marlix for drops. Really it's about patience and using the terrain to your advantage. If you can lure him into trees he sometimes comes in for short range attacks and can get stuck in leaves giving you a chance to get a few swipes of the sword in. Just take your time with this boss. Some fights can last a while.

    Eyender- Same gear but use a Sharpness 5 sword. The smite does less damage. This fight I found best to plunk down a bucket of water very near to where you are gonna fight him. Stay in that water as much as you can. He will TP you but usually it's close to where you were. He can TP you underground so be ready for some quick mining to breath if he suffocates you. Get back to him or make a new water source and take him and his minions out while standing in that water best you can. I use Gapples to maintain health. Moreso with the Eyender than Marlix. The added buffs and extra hearts you get from golden apples is better than Candy IMO for healing. His minions can drop charged crystals which give you added strength. They work but I myself don't use them. Like I said. lay a bucket water in front of him but not so close it hits him and he TP's somewhere else, then just swing away, find him again, get back in water and repeat. Basic strategy but it works for me.

    After rereading your experience with Eyender I really think the Gapples will be your best bet. I forgot if you said you use FULLY enchanted Nrite gear. Thorns 3 is advised here but watch the diff as I described above. Use Gapples and a bunch if you need. They are craftable. No need to waste the hard to get kind. With Eyender you can use beacons with strength regen and resistance or whatever you wanna add. But this fight doesn't have to move around too much, well.... as much as Marlix does anyway.

    Good luck and remember Try and try again. Each time learn something. It soon becomes easier. Still a pain, but easier lol.
  4. Is the Eyender that Enderman on steroids'? If so, I took one out wearing full Op diamond gear and an OP diamond sword with a stack of steaks on diff 5. There was water within blocks of my encounter so I used that to my advantage to retreat to and eat. That happened during the "Something Fishy Survival" event back in January. It took me maybe 5-10 minutes to take it out and all the minions it called. We were in a group but I was tired of seeing the area we were at all dreary during the day so I went after it. Maybe I was just lucky, IDK. I'll have to try one again.
  5. Thanks! I do already use full Protection IV netherite gear with Unbreaking III and Mending, and my chestplate has Thorns III too. I'm not sure whether Projectile Protection IV would be better with Marlix or not, though; it's more effective against projectiles but not at all against the wither effect. As for difficulty, I would be unlikely to go over 5; I usually have it at 6 and lower it to 5 whenever I'm in the nether or going after Momentus, and I never raise it to 7 or 8 (usually the latter) without first disabling boss spawns nor 9 or 10 period (given the recommended group play at those difficulties).

    Yeah, I forgot about the regular golden apples! I thought of the enchanted ones, but those are very rare outside of ancient cities. I can't survive for long in the deep dark and don't want to squander what few enchanted golden apples I can get elsewhere; my best bet would be to fight Sorgina more often (hard, as she seldom spawns) and slowly upgrade my witch's gem.

    I also agree that beacons would be useless against Marlix. Even with Eyender, it may be hard to keep him in one place, but perhaps I could at least try a Resistance I and Regeneration beacon with Eyender and bring Potions of Speed in case he tries to take the fight away.

    I didn't even think of the trees! Yeah, the difficulty 1 fight I barely succeeded with was in a temperate swamp (which isn't truly forested like mangrove ones, but still), while the fruitless difficulty 2 fight was in a desert. Perhaps it's a bad idea to fight Marlix outside of mangrove swamps, dark forests and jungles - the only three truly forested biomes - now that you mention that. (Other wooded biomes in Minecraft only amount to the canopy cover of savannas IRL, even in the old growth taigas which are still meant to be rainforest biomes.) Unless, of course, I create an artificial forest in another biome or am lucky enough to find Marlix in a small cave.
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  6. A multishot crossbow is a good way to get a lot of damage in on Marlix.

    Eyender it's best to sit in a corner with water pushing the guardians away from you and attack Eyender as Eyender teleports into you. I recommend having golden apples in your off hand and healing everytime you're at half health.

    Sorgina I bring milk in case they give me the weakness effect and also use golden apples in off hand. It's very good to do that to get back to attacking faster. Do not focus on the cats stay on Sorgina until they're defeated or they will heal and make the fight last forever. I had an hour long fight on diff 10 the first time I fought them because I focused on the cats.

    Momentus is very easy if you're very evasive and know when to go in for a melee attack.
  7. The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

    I've ALWAYS looked up to Dreamy as a fellow Warrior! He is far greater than I. Wise words were spoken here. TY! :)
  8. marlix: use elytra+rocket, plus switch to food if huger lost (not full bar)
    flying toward it and hit it with sword. be sure to keep a eye to your health as well as hunger
    eyender: full suite with protection iv+ throns 3( recommded) , plus lots of food.
    first, trigger it by hit, then run into water (i.e river, water source created by you). focus on hit eyender (as eyender have enderman behaviour, because of that it fear water) while eyender guardian does not .
    if you got teleport, you can run back or choose nearest water source, (it would automatically find you) and keep hit it with sword.
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