How are the Moderators so fast?

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  1. Hey y'all,

    A few hours ago, I was playing on SMP1, and some 13-year old girl started spamming Caps and swearing. I reminded her in a friendly manner of the rules, which caused her to go ballistic and insult me non-stop. I file a report, 5 minutes later, a Moderator pops in, bans her for a day and leaves again. How the Nether did he know what exactly happened?

    Anyway, thanks EMC for the excellent moderation work.
  2. Console my friend :)
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  3. There's a special EMC "sub-URL" just for mods. It's called Square ( and they can access pretty much everything that would be useful for getting the the bottom of things on there. They can also view server chat/see reports there :)
  4. Well EMC moderators are the best of the best!!
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  5. And you swear in the thread?
  6. Read it again
  7. Read it again and i still see the same thing.
  8. Since when did hell become a bad word?
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  9. maybe it's just me but 8 year olds' play on emc. I would be bad if a 8 year old went around there house saying hell.
  10. I would rather have them say hell than bad words :)
  11. Make this private guys (PM), or make a [DEBATE] thread, I haven't seen one of those in a while. :) No need to fight really. Different people see different things as different meanings.
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  12. Edited OP for more suitable audience.
  13. The EMC staff have powers beyond your imagination ...
  14. Are you 8? One of the registration rules for EMC is "You are at least 13 years of age."
    So 8 year olds really shouldn't be playing on EMC in the first place.
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  15. You can be younger than 13 and on EMC if you have parental permission to play. :) This is more just a legal thing anyway - a young player would never be banned on here for being young.
  16. How are moderators so fast you ask? They are ninja tomatoes who know all and see all.
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  17. Cause' our staff is AWESOME :D!
  18. Its the dog spys who know and see it all
  19. This.

    We've got a nice window where if a report is filed, we can see it quickly and take action on it all from the browser. We're fairly empty on reports right now (they seem to come in waves), so it's easier to see new ones pop in.

    We do not punish for hell. In fact, if you look at commandment 8 - it specifically says thou shall not use excessively foul language.
  20. Maybe he should have said "How the Nether did he know what exactly happened?" ;)