How Ard became a Blizz

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  1. This story is heavily inspired and fully based on Krysyy's tale of the battered snow golem. Hope you don't mind but I really enjoyed reading that and I wanted more! SO yeah...

    It was a dark and cold evening on the Stage server. Holiday break was upcoming and all the custom mob bosses were enjoying an evening off. The originals that is, obviously Aikar made sure that their clones kept spawning all across the Empire, courtesy of the EMCloninator(tm). They retreated to the far outskirts of the Frontier where even the regular staff had no way of finding them. Marlix, or Marl as the others called him, had just landed and was busy fixing some snacks and some drinks when suddenly the ground shook. "Ah, Mentie is early today!", Marl thought as the tremors became heavier. Suddenly the door bust open and Marl could see the foot of Momentus. "Come on Mentie, cut the theatrics already", Marl said annoyed: "If we're not careful then they'll let us pay for that door you know".

    "I. AM. MOMENTUS!", Mentie said with a thunderous voice. "Yeah, yeah, we know. come on in already", Marl said. Suddenly a poof noise sounded and the giant zombie quickly turned into a regular one. "Ha, have you heard the news already? I am the most popular mob on the Empire, dun, dun, DUUUUN!", Mentie said while making wild gestures. "Say what?", Marl asked. "It's all on the forums dude, read...", Mentie answers: "Oh wait, of course you don't read that. Because it also says everyone hates you, trololol!".

    "Oh shaddap", Marl snapped: "anyway, who else is coming?". "Creepie, Skel and maybe Ard. About time he showed up again", Mentie answered. And just as he finished talking the door opened and an enraged creeper and skeleton came in together with a pack of howling wolves. "Ha, ha, ha... Did you see the look on iCrazyEvestar's face when my cousin blew up her entire room? trololol, we're soo cool", the creeper said. "Oh, hi boys!", Marl said: "What can I get you to drink?". "The usual please.. Now that Krysyy aint here anyways", the skeleton answered.

    Not to worry folks: we already fixed the damage two-fold and killed those nasty creepers...

    "Yeah, so what is the usual anyway?", a familiar voice sounded. "Uh oh", Marl mumbled: "uh, hi Krysyy!". "Hi Marl", Kryssyy answered: "So what you're drinking there huh?", Kryssyy asked. Marl looked at her with an uncomfortable look on his face: "Uhhh, orange juice?", he said. "Look Marl, you know the rules alright? This is a PG place so live up to it.", Kryssyy said: "Some players already accused you of drinking and flying for crying out loud, just because you flew so iradically and weird", Kryssyy sighed. "That was all Aikars doing!", Marl snapped: "if he hadn't messed with battie then NONE of that would have happened!". "Maybe so, but you know the rules Marl... Live up to them, ok?", Kryssyy said: "Now get me something to drink as well please... Got some snacks too by any chance?".

    And not much later all the mobs and Kryssyy were having a good time talking about everything that happened to them. "Ha, ha, ha, and then this guy EQuiPeX showed up and stole Mentie's sword right from under his nose!", Skellie laughed it out: "Ha, ha, that was soo funny. He even auctioned it off, what a goof move that was!". "yeah, and as if that's not enough ChromeLineman followed up and took Mentie's helmet right from his head when he was down!, mwa ha h ahaaa", creepie shouted. "Also on the auctions?", Marl asked. "You betcha!", Skellie replied.

    "Hey now, no fair!", Mentie snapped: "At least I'm the most popular mob on the Empire", he boasted. "Besides, Marl here allows people to snatch his bow while he's in the middle of a fight. Aikar even had to give his gear thorns because the players killed him too easily!". "So when did that happen?", Creepie asked. "PopulistYeti just takes Marls bow whenever he feels like it, he's auctioning one of right now!", Skellie said.

    And then the door suddenly opened and a snow golem stepped in. "Hi Ard!", everyone said. "Whats wrong with you?", Kryssyy asked when she saw the sad look on Ards face. "He's just jelly that me and Mentie here are all over the Empire and ShelLuser didn't even bother to include him in his last poll", Marl shouted and the whole group laughed. Even Kryssyy did but she also saw that something was seriously bothering Ard.

    The evening continued and everyone was having fun. "And then this girl AyanamiKun walks up to me but I got her good; even stomped her armor right down into the ground. Some other players showed up later and they spend hours looking for it, trolololol!", Mentie boasted when Kryssyy suddenly stood up: "Ok guys, it has been fun but I really need to go. Aikar and me need to prepare for the Holiday season and all. Oh, speaking of which: Ard, could I speak to you in private for a sec?".

    The two went to a room and Kryssyy told Ard that she knew something was bothering him. "Come on, spit it out.. you know you can talk to me, right?", Kryssyy said. "ITS NOT FAIR!", Ard snapped: "All the guys are making fun of me and even compare me to a super turkey. I'm fed up that nothing I do can stop those players. Last year some newbie even killed me with an iron sword, without wearing any amor! I've had it up to HERE with you guys", Ard replied angrily.

    "so... does this mean you...", Kryssyy started. "I'll do my job", Ard interrupted her: "you guys have been good to me and I am thankful for that. I'll do my job, but I don't have to like it", he said. "Actually...", Kryssyy whispered with a grin on her face.. "Hold that thought there, give me a sec Ard..", she said while taking out her phone: "Chin? Can you come over to the mobs res. for a sec? I need your help to give Ard a good way to defend himself. Maybe even more...". And it didn't take long before RainbowChin appeared. "Ard, Chin here is going to help you", Kryssyy said. "A girl is going to help me?", Ard answered sarcastically. "Yeah, gimme five Ard!", Chin said with an evil smile on his face: "Oops, got your hand there. Oh wait, I got your whole arm. How girlish, huh?", and Chin also gave Ard 'the looks'. "uhm, point taken, sorry Mr. Chin", Ard answered: "Could I please have my arm back?". "That's better", Chin replied. "wait.. hold up there Chin", Kryssyy interrupted: "we might be able to use that...".

    But before she could finish her sentence her phone rang. While answering Kryssyy gestured Chin and Ard to carry on: "Oh, Hi Simon, thanks for calling back on such short notice. Say... I need you to give Ard a makeover. You know; do your thing... We need a badass Ard this year".

    It didn't take long before Chin and Simon finished with Ard. "Kryssyy... Meet Blizz, Mr. Blizz Ard", Simon said. "uhm, is that a rocket launcher?", Kryssyy asked when looking at the weapon Blizz held in his hand. "Yeah, this will knock the players totally off their feet!", Chin said. Kryssyy just looked. "Too much?", Simon asked. "How about we make it invisible?", Aikar suddenly said. "Oh, hi Aikar, didn't see you coming in", Kryssyy replied: "And that is a great idea!".

    "Hey Mentie, got some of those drinks left?", Simon shouted to the mobs. "The players will never see it coming", Chin grinned.

    And so Aikar, Kryssyy, Chin and Simon helped Ard, now called Blizz, get a total make over. He's ready for action, better watch out for him!

    Hasta la Vista, baby!
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  2. Neat! (sounds like this would have been a great blog post=P)

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  4. thanks for the comments. I honestly considered the blog with this one but had some second doubts (this was a little bit written on a whim). But I have some blog plans I'm working out 8)
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