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  1. What do you usually wear in your hot bar?

    I make a start:
    Sword, bow, pick axes, shovel, axe, enderpearl, arrow, chicken, torch

    Do you have different sets? Where do you use this set? Is it just a mess of things accumulating?
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  2. You wear a chicken on your hotbar? Does he cluck a lot? Bite?

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  3. My hot bar depends on what I am doing;
    When I am in the wild I have the same setup as you,
    If I am messing with farms I have water, a hoe, seeds, and redstone,
    If I am just running around I have what ever I can shove in my inventory!
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  4. Oh gosh, Aikar time! How many slots has your hot bar?

    Yeah, depending on purpose I tend to exchange pearls and arrows. But food and basic tools always stay , never know when I am out to the wild again :)
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  5. I have a lot of different hotbar setups. Here are just a few. I spent way more time taking this than I'm proud of.


    A good bow, sword, pick, and pearls, wheat for horses, blocks, gapples, and food.


    Some basic tools and whatever items I'm building with.


    Pick, bow, sword, blocks, gapples (for Netherhounds and fire resistance), and food.

    -----EMC PvP

    A sword with Knockback, a fishing rod, bow, sword without Knockback, pearls, potions, and food.

    -----SG PvP

    Sword, rod, bow, gapple, food, arrows, flint and steel.


    Sword, rod, bow, lava, water, golden heads, golden apples, blocks, and food.

    -----Mob Arena

    Sword, bow, god apples, gold apples, potions, haunted candy.
  6. Usually for everywhere: sword, fishing rod, bow, water bucket,any type of food, golden apple, possibly ender pearls. For mining, all my tools -pickaxes axe shovel- are on the other side ;)
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  7. I when I'm in th wild I'ave got:"sword, Pikcaxe ,axe, shovel, whatever food, in the first slots, i
    And in my last slot a bow.

    And when I'm just in town I'ave got all my tools and other equipment in my vault, and all the things I'm building with in my invetory.
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  8. I'm actually very picky with the items in my hotbar. I need 'm in a specific order, otherwise I get all messed up :p

    Normal gameplay (survival and such): sword, pickaxe, shovel, axe, torch, bow, ..., food, clock.

    Slot 7 usually changes during play. Usually some cobble will find its way there which I then sometimes use for bridges and such. I also often exchange the axe in slot 4 with a silk touch pickaxe; so using my voters pick for digging & the silk touch for mining ore.

    Creative gameplay (single play) and sometimes with redstone tinkering on EMC: rsd, r-torch, repeater, comparator, sandstone and a lever. Often I also add a redstone lamp into the mix.

    For some reason I always stick to these collections and in this specific order. In most of my creative levels I even made sure to set up command blocks which can give me all these items in this same specific order :)
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  9. I'm very particular about the order of my tools. I always keep it sword, pickaxe, axe, and then shovel at all times. I fill the other slots with whatever I need at that moment.
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  10. Slot 1: Bow
    Slot 2: Sword
    Slot 3: Silk touch diamond pickaxe
    Slot 4: EfficiencyV diamond pickaxe
    Slot 5: Axe
    Slot 6: Shovel
    Slot 7: Sign
    Slot 8: Empty unless building
    Slot 9: Empty unless building
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  11. Wow, you should make this a tutorial or something.

    It would be cool if we could assign several hot bars and switch them on the fly instead of having to manually change each slot. Other games have that. Not a biggie though :p
  12. I'm probably not going to do that. My hotbar setups are my personal preference, and some setups work better for certain people than for others. For example, someone who's worse than I am at hitting the number keys might put their water in slot 9 instead of 5 so they can easily scroll to it. As long as it works, there's no "wrong" hotbar setup.

    Setups aren't 'one size fits all' so the only advice I could really give in a guide would be to experiment and find what works for you, and I don't think that'd make for a very food guide. :p
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  13. I usually have my Hotbar in this order when Mining and etc.

    Assistant (Easy Stable Access)
    Fortune Pick
    Silk Pick
    Water Bucket
  14. Mining:
    Slot 1: Sword
    Slot 2: Bow
    Slot 3: Pick
    Slot 4: Food
    Slot 5: Torches
    Slot 6: Fire Res Pots
    Slot 7: Water
    Slot 8: Blocks
    Slot 9: Open

    Slot 1: Sword
    Slot 2: Bow
    Slot 3: Food
    Slots 4-6: Potions
    Slot 7: Gapple
    Slot 8: Arrows
    Slot 9: Tracking device
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  15. Slot 1: Some expendable, fast-breaking block, preferably dirt
    Slot 2: Anything
    Slot 3: Anything
    Slot 4: If I'm in town, whatever is useful. If I'm out of town, food
    Slot 5: Sword
    Slot 6: Anything
    Slot 7: A bow, if I need one. Otherwise, whatever is useful (often shears or a fishing rod)
    Slot 8: Usually contains an axe or shovel. Sometimes contains a pickaxe.
    Slot 9: Usually contains a hoe or a stick for eggifying.

    Also, one of either slot 3, 6, or 7 must be empty, preferably slot 7 or 6. The more that are empty, the happier I am. If my hotbar becomes full from picking up items, I will do anything to empty at least one of these slots as soon as possible. Yeah, I've even tossed some useful things just to do that.
  16. 1. Pickaxe
    2. Sword
    3. Bow
    4. Shovel
    5. Axe
    6. Water Bucket
    7. Free Space
    8. Free Space
    9. Pumpkin Pie
  17. Pick,Axe,Labor Bench,Signs,signs,signs,signs,signs,signs
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  18. Sword, bow, voter pick, second most useful tool depending on situation, building blocks when building or ores when mining or fish when fishing, ender pearls in 2nd to last slot, food (usually baked potatos) in the last slot.