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  1. I have a feeling that when 1.6 comes out, horses will not be allowed in town like most other mobs. My suggestion is that aikar could do something with the java coding that let's horses (and their riders) to ride anywhere on emc. Or he Could add additional flags like horse* or horse_ride or even horse_saddle. You also will need to add donkey/mule chest flags.
  2. I think horses will be allowed in Town as they are classified as a peaceful mob from what I know.
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  3. I have a feeling that I could create a trading caravan with these donkeys...
  4. That would be a great idea. A trading caravan. :D
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  5. horse race gambling ftw !
  6. DON"T Quickly erase the post before Volt sees it and does a "Grief the wild with Lava Walls so I can own all the horses."
  7. Oh I bet horse parkour will become popular
    Unlike pigs, you can jump with horses
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  8. That makes perfect sense, thanks for the idea :D
  9. Wait there's horses and mules now too?
  10. Yeah in snapshot 13w16a
  11. *finds headphones to go watch video of snapshot*
  12. Too bad both horses and mules despawn.
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  13. I'm sure there's a way to prevent that in town
  14. Actually mobs in town do not despawn but each res is limited to 100 mobs.
  15. One thing I think that should be added is the ability to take horse through the wild portals. Currently, you have to eggify all animals to get them between wild and town, but if you want to take your special horse to the wild for transportation, it would be a major pain.
  16. Alright, you guys are pointing out the negatives of the first of many 1.6 snapshots. They will obviously fix most if not all of the bugs with horses.
  17. Thats it. I'm pming ICC to ban you for trying to grief the wild again.
  18. Are u serious?
  19. I just saw that its possible to ride a horse and have a lead connected to a donkey at the same time, but I would love if there were carts that could be pulled by them!

  20. That would be amazing!!!
    *writing up an email to Jeb*