Horses dying in town randomly?

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  1. Lost two Incitatus today randomly on my res. Went to the waste did my thing came home to two saddles and their armor lying on the ground. What could of caused this and why. Res was flat with nothing but a few chest and grass and flowers on it. As one could imagine I am quite put off to the fact that this happened and im not out two Incitatus...

    So was reading up on the flags after this happened tosee if there was any flags I was missing that may prevent this in the future could find. Maybe adding some form of flag to disallow animals of any kind from being killed on a res.
  2. Animaldamage flag should cover this. Check your flags and I'll look into it when I'm home in roughly an hour.
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  3. I am assisting.
    General community. Have you had issues with horses dying? If so let me know.
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  4. I had a similar incident that I tried reporting for help in-game about losing my Incitatus, which happened last year in January. I logged into smp6 (Stood at my home res 12739) , typed in /stable summon # and while it seemed to have been retrieved it wasn't at all. And in fact it had somehow vanished from my stable upon my request to summon it.

    I never was able to get it back and I don't really remember why I never put it up on the forums for assistance .

    Chickeneer I will add you to my conversation I had with a friend at that given time, but I don't really see any help it may be to you as there isn't anything there that I haven't stated already.
  5. This reminds me of the time my Valens was chilling on my res about a month or two ago, I found it's armor and saddle resting in a pool of water.
  6. My friend, a couple of weeks ago, noticed some of her cows had been killed. It's so wired.
  7. A couple weeks ago we were having some issues with the entity limiter which killed off some animals. We turned that off for a while till it gets fixed. I am looking for Horses in particular. Thank you Though!
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  8. Can we get some information on this issue from staff? Is the horse disappearing issue resolved or still being worked on?
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  9. Well I have yet to lose any more, I have had a bunch out to see if it would happen again.
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  10. I have renamed horses on my res and they haven't disappeared at all. I hope I never lose them :(
  11. Theres no information to lead us on anything to even look into yet. a few random losses is very likely due to overall buggy MC mechanics which we can not fix.

    Its likely they suffocated in a wall.

    Unless it becomes a more common problem with re-occuring patterns/reproduce steps theres nothing we can even look into.

    Turning off animal damage is the safest bet to avoid mc bugs.
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  12. When I do res info, it says -kill and -animaldamage in red. But I was able to hit a chicken several times and kill it. Is there something else I need to do keep animals from being able to die?
  13. The res in question where I lost these two was a flat res with 2 chest on it and grass, I know it common to lose them to walls and water features due to their general derpyness but this res had next to nothing, that's why I questioned it. But since I have yet to lose any more that I have spawned on that res.
  14. owners bypass the flags is why.
    I really have no clue then :/
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