[Horses randomly going invisible]

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  1. After the new update, I went to get one of my horses out of my stable. When I took it out I went invisible, with no potion effects or anything. It just simply went missing.

    I don't know if it's a bug or what.
  2. Hmm weird.
  3. I never had the issue before the recent update. But after that update, it's when my issue started.

    I just jumped on my horse and its gone.
  4. When was the last time you accessed that horse?
  5. About 2 hours ago I'd say/ It just spawned back about 15 minutes ago.
  6. Yeah this is a new bug since last patch. It will return when you relog.
  7. So there is another bug with horses.
    This happens after I shift off of the horse. When I stable summon it again, it is invisible and I am riding it, or so other people say. This might just be a bug with me, not sure where the res went or anything but its odd that it goes invisible to others :) Think this is a worthy bug of being fixed :)
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  8. All 3 new bugs are related, I'm guessing they messed around with some code hoping to fix the animal disappearance problem. That or they dug too deep when removing ranged thorns.
  9. ya i just had almost the same thing happen to me...i was breeding my 134's then one of them dissapeared..thankfully he came back after i relogged.
  10. I think it would be wise for everyone to egg all of their high speed horses until this is over just to be safe. That is what I am doing with all of mine :)
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  11. Already done lol dont want them to despawn or something :)
  12. Can you sit on them?