Horses are disappearing... and acting wierd

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  1. So i had two horses in my stable. One was Dancer and one was my starter horse. But when I got on today, they had disappeared! Also my friend just joined and has been trying to tame his starter horse for about 10 minutes with no success. It wont let him get on. Any suggestions? Also could i have dancer back?
  2. EDIT: Lol I found dancer he was in my fourth res. But my friend still cannot tame his horse because it wont let him ride it
  3. I'm glad you found Dancer.
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  4. There might be a storm coming, judging from the information I have googled about horses.
  5. Did he get any error message when he tried to ride it?
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  6. No he just couldn't get on
  7. What do you mean?
  8. Then I think you could be dealing with a horse which hasn't fully grown yet. Feed it several wheat and then try to ride it again. Sometimes a horse looks like an adult but isn't quite there yet; so you cannot ride it despite its looks.
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  9. I'm pretty sure he's just kidding around ;)
    Some people are so good with animals they can see by looking at a dog or horse that a storm is coming, because the animal senses it, and thus acts differently, because they're nervous.
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  10. Well it was his starter horse so i thought it was supposed to be fully grown...
  11. Also make sure there is nothing in his hand when he attempts to ride it.
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