Hopefully this isnt a draw again haha.

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What would make my customers the happiest?

Full speed hopper system!!!! Go go go!!! 18 vote(s) 56.3%
A higher than 10 fps shop? I'll wait when selling or buying. 14 vote(s) 43.8%
  1. Hi folks!
    I was just thinking, bulk shop has a lot of lag. I think it's all the hoppers. Please correct me if I"m wrong. I was presented with a choice, either I could do nothing about it because my customers may like the speed of the hoppers, or make myself less laggy for my customers so they have a better experience. I feel like either choice well have it's pros and cons. I'd rather make the most people happy with this sort of choice. So please vote! Post thoughts about it and I'll take the poll and posts into consideration. I suppose posts could be the draw breaker in this contest about nothing.

    If I try to delag, any other blocks that cause laggyness, please let me know about. Actually just let me know now. Maybe I can get rid of them if I have them and the hoppers could stay? There maybe a way I dont know about to make everyone happy. We'll see. Please pm me or post on my profile page about any concerns about /v +bulk on smp8. I love hearing from everyone on how I can help the economy :).
    Have a good day!

    Truly Sincere,
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  2. That would be amazin :3
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  3. For which choice? Don't forget to vote! :)
  4. Its not the hoppers I can assure you that much. Some reses have way more hoppers than you can ever imagine. The trick about lag is reducing everything that has redstone mechanism and light updates eg: pistons, redstone lights, redstone lamps, fire, redstone circuits.

    Trust me hoppers don't cause as much lag as people make it to be its light block updates that does the most (this includes beacon beams).
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  5. Well I should take up the redstone ore then huh?
  6. I don't think it triggers a light update unless you're standing on it, so just the little that you have by your redstone dust is probably not a problem. It's the big piston and redstone dust contraptions that constantly update light in a large area all the time that will lag lower end machines - correct me if I'm wrong.
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  7. Indeed. Light updates are quite intensive and if you have pistons moving or redstone dust switching on and off you'll lots of light updates constantly.
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  8. I think a major lag causer is that "Fire Tunnel" that goes to the firefloor, so you may want to get rid of that (Or at least reduce the amount of fire)
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  9. I got rid of the fire tunnel and ore
  10. Blocks above hoppers reduce lagg cuz the hoppers wont check to see if theirs anything above them
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  11. Thanks for the tip!
  12. I wouldn't do a khixan if I were you ;)

    (Doing a khixan is breaking EMC and lag everyone out, or break Minecraft all together :p)
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  13. In all honestly, I've been at your shop buying out your wood and obsidian. The only problem I see from your shop is the exposed redstone circuitry. Your Redstone Comparator may contribute to your lag due to it's checking the chests for items and lighting a redstone lamp. If anything, I would have this system only on the bottom chest.

    So two fixes for you...

    1. Cover up the exposed redstone
    2. Have item checker only for the bottom chest.
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  14. Covering it up still renders it out - which would still produce client side lag. The item checker is only a problem if the lights are constantly changing all the time. They hardly ever change, so it's not that big of a deal. Them just sitting there and displaying a static output doesn't introduce lag, as far as I know.
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  15. Standing redstone does cause some lag but not noticeably I'm just noting that. Since redstone isn't a block, it's being registered more of a entity. With my slow computer, (That I have replaced) I was bogged by the amount I saw on screen. Some might have that problem as well.
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  16. I think that for what you are running, the hoppers are very important. I vote hoppers.
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  17. I'm glad this poll is acting favored to a choice for the amount of votes I will probably get total. Deceptious has thought of a cool new display system. Same space taken up, more storage, less hoppers, and hidden circuitry. Question: does exposed redstone cause more lag than hidden?
  18. I believe it is the same. Minecraft renders EVERYTHING near you.

    Just light up near your redstone stone stuff and use less item frames. That is great for less lag.
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  19. Thanks for the advice! I know big places can get laggy so I'm trying my best to keep the function, trim the fat. I took down a ton of frames signs and 40% of my redstone circuits.
  20. Oh yeah I forgot if you place torches everywhere/otherwise light up the circuits then it doesn't render light updates since it's always at level 15 so lighting up any circuits helps.