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  1. My teacher gave me the wonderful homework task of 'explore how different people chat on different social websites'
    Which is great when you have a nice active community forum like this one :p What a good opportunity to get some chats from 'social websites' :3
    I know this isn't really what some would call a social website, but I don't use Facebook or even Twitter any more so it's the closest I'm getting

    This homework is due in on Monday, which isn't very long in my opinion. Due to this, I'll stop trying to keep this active after Monday (not that I'm convinced this will get active in the first place...)

    So um, rules?
    I guess if you want your name to be blacked out or whatever I can do so
    Apart from that just follow regular EMC rules
    Oh and smileys are allowed, I even recommend them as it will give me more to comment on what I hand the homework in :p

    Sorry is this is a random thread >.< I didn't know what else to do!

    I'll stop ranting on now and try to get at least a little bit of something started here :p
    How was everyone's day? :3 School? Work?

    Oh, thank you by the way! n.n This helps me out a lot!
  2. I had a great day :D
    Except for the part where I fractured my ankle and got new braces put on, but other than that it's great :D
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  3. Well my day is just beginning. First class isn't till 11:30 am (Life of some college students). After classes will go to work at WallyWorld then go to an evening activity at our Student Union. hehehe, sounds like fun ;)
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  4. How did you manage to fracture your ankle? o.o
    Unlucky to have new braces fitted on the same day as well, ouch
  5. Well I didn't fracture today just hurts a lot :p
    I was sledding behind an ATV, my friend slid off spun me around, then I slid off, foot got caught in rope holding us to ATV and it fractured it :p
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  6. i did all my school for today, yesturday, so i have a day off
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  7. Ouch e.e'

    Your luky to be able to sled anyway :p No snow at all in the Uk u.u
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  8. Ive been having a good day so far, Because its a P.A day, so i have just been relaxing =D
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  9. I am glad it is a Friday.

    That is all.
  10. Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? :p
  11. All I have to say has been mentioned :D
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  12. Umm, well I'm going to some thing over the weekend for my church :)
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  13. Had an amazing day :D I got a snow day!
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  14. I'll help with your homework.

    By definition, 'social websites' are any websites where a main function is the ability to interact with other users. This includes 'social networking sites' (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and formerly MySpace), 'social media' (Reddit and formerly Digg), social media-sharing sites (Instagram, Vine) and cultural communities (EMC, MinecraftForums, KYM, Funnyjunk, 9Gag, 4Chan and many thousands more scattered throughout the interweb).

    On social networking sites, the main purpose is communication. People want to chat to their friends on a one-to-one basis, address certain groups publicly, like their hockey team, the people at a disco they went to, or their clique, or to chat to the whole social network as a whole, making a comment about a current issue or phenomenon, such as Syria, love, politics, and the rain. The language people use is largely informal and dependent on the regional slang; in Northern Ireland, we use the word 'canny' for 'can not', and 'way' for 'with'. The hashtag is often a common sight, as are smilies, and people use various levels of grammar, from the person who types like they're texting using 2 instead of to, to the person who uses immaculate spelling and grammar, like me.
    An example of a common status from a Northern Irish facebook user is as follows:
    e.g. I wanny go way me ma to asda but I canny because I have to look after my wee brother! :( #ragin

    On social media, the main purpose is general discussion. People share links and their thoughts, and the community discusses it. Most social media sites are divided into sub-communities, to organize the types of discussions which occur, and what you will see depends on what communities you're in. The grammar is 99% perfect, and entire discussions will rotate around the 1% which isn't. The language is a general mix of all English, except in communities for certain regions, in which case that community will prefer to use some of their region's slang.

    On social sharing sites, the main purpose is interesting pictures and videos. Users will use language similar to social networking site users.

    In cultural communities, the main purpose is a niche interest. Minecraft, funny pictures, and sometimes very weird and inappropriate stuff indeed. Unlike the sub-communities of a social media site, they are independent, with their own culture; sub-communities are a mere component of the greater cultural tapestry of their parent site. Their language will feature slang of their own creation, to describe certain concepts relating to their particular interest. The grammar used will be unique to every website; every single cultural community has its own unique grammar standards.

    There, homework done. Don't be copying and pasting this, kid, but you are welcome to cite 'Northern Irish Internet Stranger' as a source.
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  15. Something I think that is interesting about communication over the internet is that the farther removed we are personally from one another, the less meaningful information is conveyed and the less civil we seem to be. I have heard this often and I think it is evident on different sites I have visited and in the different mediums I use. In general a small group of people will come together because they have something in common and are more likely to agree and share. A larger group will have less in common and less trust of one another.

    Email and personal messages are the most intimate form of social networking and it is rare that I ever have a bad experience with it. It is almost always used for passing meaningful information.

    On Facebook I have about forty friends and family I associate with as well as seeing posts of friends' friends. There isn't much in depth discussion. Someone might post a link to a new article that is interesting, then people tend to make a short comment at most or Like it. The longer discussions I have using Facebook are through personal messaging. I like discussing things like current events and like to read so I am usually disappointed by Facebook. I originally started using it because my sister was posting pictures of her family there and I wanted to use it as a means to stay in touch with her and other people in my family and a small circle of friends.

    Here on EMC, there are a range of threads and posts, from how someone's day was to topics that specifically affect the way we play. We still all have Minecraft in common. Although I think I recognize hundreds of player names, it is a relatively small community and everyone gets along pretty well. Some of the threads I am interested in and some not.

    I like news aggregate sites like Fark and Reddit. Although a lot of the comments are made by people as jokes, and sometimes people get into fights, people present enough ideas to make many topics interesting for me. It is easier to get into a fight here though, and I can't say I have a single online "friend" at either site. Things occasionally get nasty and there is always someone that pops out to point out that something is Obama's fault or the Republican's fault in nearly every thread whether it is a political thread or one about puppies.

    If you read the comments at most news sites, they are generally pretty rough. It is the same with places like YouTube. The people there have little in common other than that they have internet access and an opinion. I would never comment there and rarely bother to read any comments.

    I hope you do well on your project, Alice!
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  16. Derp.
    Yea this is the class project we just did in Gimp for digital design.
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  17. Anyone else got homework to do? :p
    This is my last piece, wooo!

    Also, thanks Pab and Volt but my homework is more about about the language used on social media, and less about the different types and what they contain. I really do appreciate the help though, even if it doesn't help me as much as you might have hoped! I might take a few notes from it for future reference anyway though ;)
  18. lul testweek nuxt week msut learn btu me langugae iz aewsum thx
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  19. You're "mature" now?
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  20. Hi Alice! This is a very interesting assignment... I've certainly never gotten one like it xD
    Welp last night I was whisked away to a hotel while my parents went to a party, and while I could have been doing work, or better yet preparing for SATs, I hopped on hypixel.

    And that.
    Is how I'm getting to college.
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