Holy Pizza.......

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Is this not the strangest thing ever?

Yea 13 vote(s) 54.2%
I don't get it 5 vote(s) 20.8%
That's stupid 6 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. So my dad went to get some pizza. After dinner we put the box in the fridge, I went to get some milk and this is what I noticed......

    You don't have to be religious for this to give you the chills. It was some very good pizza though. Any thoughts?
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  2. How many pizzas did you get?...
  3. two lol. Ya its not $23 for one
  4. He died for your sins against bad Pizza.
  5. I was like O.O
  6. What am I supposed to see?
  7. I dont understand
  8. That is not holy pizza, this is:
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  9. The problem was that it was very expensive?
  10. "Your pizza was managed by Christ" (took me a good few mins to work it out mind)
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  11. Managed by Christ.
  12. So close. If only your coupon had been good for $7.77...
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  13. Lol I didnt see that.
  14. I have a phone that announces who is calling if Caller ID allows it. I also have a friend named Christian, but the phone shortens it to Christ when he calls. So yeah, I've been called by Christ.
  15. Trying to 1 up me as USUAL!
  16. Nah. Never been served by Christ. I was joining in, I thought. Should I start my own thread?
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  17. What has this world come to?! Even Christ is taxing you now.
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  18. You'll get ur just desserts pab........
  19. the thing that shocked me the most was the price :eek:. (unless it was for like 5* pizzas xD)