Holy Pizza.......

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Is this not the strangest thing ever?

Yea 13 vote(s) 54.2%
I don't get it 5 vote(s) 20.8%
That's stupid 6 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. I like there crazy bread :D
  2. /v pab10s SMP 7
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  3. You wouldn't happen to be friends with/related to Sonicol1? I gave him a double chest of cake adn cookies for CHRISTmas and I had a whole chest full of cake on my res.

    xD It says Christ, it's related.
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  4. No, that's what I thought too, the 's' is compressed to look like an 'e'.
  5. Lol no I bid on 4 double chests of cake a lil while ago from Hash98. Did you like the prank thou?
  6. I'm a very religous person, and even this confuses me :confused:
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  7. I saw that part, but what i don't get is why they put Jesus into it
  8. Maybe "Christ" is the company.
  9. Jesus Christ........
    And no thats the Managers name I think
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  10. Apparently this has happen before.
    Found this when you look it up.
  11. hmm :/
  12. And why managed by christ?
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  13. wow thats my last nameeeeee.........
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  14. Maybe, like daxter said, it's the guy's last name.
  15. That's papa johns too. hmmmmm
  16. Hello Mr. Johnson...
  17. Managed is like delivered?
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  18. I guess...

    But it could also be because his name is Christan and it doesn't fit.
  19. No mine was carry out.
    Let's not be creepy. But it is a fairly common last name
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