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  1. dear forums me and my fellow smp3 players are wondering if we could have holidays on emc where maybe on Halloween you could say its Halloween everyone trick or treat and get ready to celebrate! or on Hanukah and Christmas you could say get ready to light the candles or sing a Christmas cheer and for Christmas and Hanukah u could make it snow and if other smp's don't want this please think about making holidays on smp3 we would really be happy if u did

    from: Christine_pop68
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  2. This sort of already exists. On holidays they will usually have a res for an event and there will be contests and things like that. For an example the last EMC birthday event was a giant cake and there was an invisible maze.
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  3. that is very cool but I am thinking that maybe they could have a like announcement where it says set up your decorations get out your candy lets celebrate its Halloween and also say get ready for trick or treaters as for they will be coming down your streets have fun!
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  4. This is something players could set up and do and doesn't *require* staff to help out (although I am sure they will come have fun if it is done well).
    This is a cool idea and something to consider doing as we get closer to those holidays.
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  5. Got "ninja'd" by my contrib. colleague here, you took the words right out of my mouth :)

    So I had the same idea: what's stopping you from trying to start such an event yourself? I think it's a really cool idea, and you could simply start asking in town chat if some people would like to trick or treat.

    Please note: some of the more popular events which are now held by the staff originally started with regular players organizing & doing them. Some of those events are now held by staff for the only simple reason that the person who started it in the first place became a staff member in the mean time.

    So I'd definitely think you should try and work this out, I also like the suggestion!
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  6. I have already done something similar to this. I always celebrate my holidays on EMC by making events. For example for eastern I made a small scavenger hunt (Included Items worth more than 1 million). Or for Christmas I made a giveaway. And when someone wishes for something I would place a access Chest in front of a gigantic Christmas tree. So you could come to my events or do private ones/go to other ones.
  7. Here's what I did on April Fools, I wore my headless horseman mask and I shot flaming arrows in their res.:eek: They were so scared, it was so funny! Then I told them Happy April Fools and they didn't even know it was that day.:rolleyes:

    Anyways, we have this already, for example there was a taco event last 1-2 months, where everyone got items and tacos! :D
  8. these things you guys are doing are are wonderful and I know I can do this by myself and with smp3 because we all sorta wanted to do this but it would be nice if it looked Halloween like with pumpkins and skeletons ect. but I was just telling staff because it would be more amazing if staff helped but if not done soon on Halloween I will do it and you can come and join our fun on smp3 and share the opening
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  9. I don't like Halloween, but I do like your motivation to make EMC more fun and bond :)
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  10. You sicken me.

    As a lover of Halloween, I have a pretty big idea for Halloween. Sadly, it may be too big for Aikar to release it this holiday. I have mentioned it to Krysyy in the past so maybe it may be a thing.
  11. Luckily we've only had people trick or treat once :p We gave them marshmallows. In the places where I've lived Halloween isn't really a thing. Nor is Santa Claus. I'm quite happy about both ;)
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  12. well not everyone has to participate its I do or don't do event and since staff members or whoever makes stuff like this isn't doing it you guys don't have to come but on smp3 I'm going to host a Halloween trick or treating party thing its going to be soon like maybe on the weekends because most people will be out on Halloween so everyone is invited to come and I will be announcing on here when it is so hope everyone good luck and have a great holiday!
  13. People live on smp3?
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  14. Shots fired
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  15. *Sets up trick or treat chest* *realises is september*
  16. yes they do why wouldn't they
  17. I thought SMP3 was just one big wasteland....
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  18. no it is not it is a fun smp where everyone is now nice
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  19. And with this event she'll make it an even more fun place! :)
  20. yes I shall:):D