Holiday Village: Chest Event!

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  1. Welcome to Holiday Village!

    In the quaint snowy hills of EMC sits a village of old. Its inhabitants are some players that you know very well: The EMC Staff. Around this time of year, they work night and day to make sure that everything goes as planned for the players.

    This year, they welcome you to spend time in the Holiday Village! You might even stumble on a present or TWENTY. You'll only be able to keep TEN, so choose carefully which to open. The hardest ones to find are likely the most rewarding! Type /event to start your hunt! The event world will stay open until December 31st night.
  2. YAY!
    EDIT: 1st! Was I the 1st to click on the link or something? O-o
  3. First! Thx guys!

    edit- 2nd :(
  4. 3rd

    Nvm rip
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  5. Yes! Been looking forward to this being released for a while :D
  6. Nice! Until when will it stay opened?
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  7. How nice! Can't wait to be one of the first to get there once the server's back up! :D
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  8. Was wondering if this was actually going to happen. Can't wait to get a bunch of goodies. Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
  9. got togetter?
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  10. That's amazing
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  11. We had an awesome time building this. :) Thanks so much to Krysyy for the great idea and launch! I hope you all enjoy it.
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  12. Awe my am I missing all the fun :( Good luck all
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  13. Looking forward to this :) happy holidays!
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  14. I hope you guys pay attention to all the little details and such that the staff builders did, they really did an amazing job! Take your time when exploring the Holiday Village and check out all the little fun easter eggs and such. :)
  15. Couldn't have said it better myself. Remember everyone: You have 2 WEEKS to explore and claim your chests.
  16. heck yeah !! thank you guys for a holiday village. i love these village / event things :)
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