[Hiring] Redstone Guru!

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  1. I am looking to hire someone to build a nice fancy redstone powered tree farm! I currently have a non-redstone Mega Spruce tree farm that used res teleport signs. I don't know which of these two would work best on EMC:

    Option 1: Fully redstone powered treefarm that is (mostly) universal, pushed all the logs into a giant block for easy harvesting

    Option 2: Partial redstone design, you start at top of world and mine thru the trunk of the tree and fall down to the next tree allowing for continuous harvesting. After reaching the bottom a tp sign takes you to the next row of trees. The redstone would come into play for moving the dirt blocks out of the way so you don't harvest those accidentally. Less resource intensive but time consuming to build

    Price is negotiable depending on which option is built. Personally I would rather have option one, because I could then modify it to work better for myself.

  2. ^ That's a good treefarm :p

    I ahve nevery actually builded it on EMC, but all seperate mechanics should work (I have tested quite a lot of redstone in my time), so I guess the farm does too.
    The farm is broken due to a bug in 1.13 (I beleve), but that bug alredey is fixed in the latest snapshots of 1.13.1.
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  3. yeah that's what I am attempting to build at the moment lol
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  4. you didn't mention how much you wanted to pay your redstoner?
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  6. Try talking with Bryanm61 he has one that’s hes built and may build it for you if the price is right