[Hiring] Members needed for "The Hole™"

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  1. hmmmm.
    sounds interesting. However, I would prefer to have rupees instead of ores.
  2. You can pm me what sounds fair for price
  3. Is this project still going? If so, for clarification, the hole is basically everything under the pixel art down to Layer 5, correct? I saw some farms under the pixel art and want to make sure I'm not about to grief someone D:
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  4. hi I can help
  5. I've got the green light for The Hole(TM). Going to start setting up standard procedures.. I'll post updates here as I go if you'd like.

    First order of business: Set up the perimeter of The Hole(TM) with Oak Fences to prevent things from the outside falling in. Need to harvest the wood on my res first, then will proceed with containment setup.
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  6. Update: Construction of The Border(TM) (the fence wall surrounding the site for The Hole(TM)) is nearly complete; the only obstacle remaining is a structure at the Southeast corner (I have sent Moople the details so she can remove the BuildMode later). As soon as the BuildMode is cleared, I will finish the fence portion of The Border(TM). Until then, I will start putting up the warning signs along the spaces on The Border(TM) to warn players not to cross the fence. During the excavation process, I will also line the sides of The Hole(TM) with Stone Bricks to ensure people do not dig into it (similarly to how I did my 64x64 quarry).

    Included is an example of how the signs will look. (Structure as stated above is to the right of the screenshot.)
  7. I love it when someone takes on a project seriously. :D
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  8. Considering the seriousness of the signage you installed I'm surprised to see no legal signage of not being held responsible for damages or loss due to someone not heeding the warnings. 🙂
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  9. What about all the builds in the middle?
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  10. Under review with SS
  11. Sure, i will come and dig for you
    what time of day do you want me?
    i have some homework to do later today
  12. Pm me on discord and we can get started