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  1. Dear great designers of EMC,

    I have a problem. I have 34 residences across 8 accounts, with most of them being completely empty. Yet, I possess no artistic skill or creativity with which I could fill these voids. Thus, I come to you, in hopes of seeking a variety of designs by which I could brighten up the Towns across each SMP.

    I have the following solo 60x60 residences to fill:
    • 1001 (smp1)
    • 4569 (smp2)
    • 6789 (smp3)
    • 9909 (smp4)
    • 10111 (smp5) Complete!
    • 12286 (smp6)
    • 14782 (smp7)
    • 16472 (smp8)
    • 19971 (smp9)
    The following solo 120x120 residences:
    • 5714 (utopia)
    • 5829 (utopia)
    And the following megamass of 17 residences in the far south-central part of smp8, all adjacent to one another.

    For these residences, I will probably wait a while to see if there are multiple offers, then pick the one I like the most.

    I will offer up to 100,000 rupees for each residence that you can design something for (400k for each utopia res). It does not have to be a single building, or even a really a building at all (though buildings are most likely to get you the most rupees). If you have a really really good idea and have a proven track record as a designer, build team member, etc., I may be willing to negotiate a higher price.

    Here's how the process would go:
    1. You come up with an idea
    2. You send me a message (preferably on Discord @triphora, though forum DMs are also okay) with a description of the idea and a price proposal
      1. Example 1: I would like to design a skyscraper using mainly x and y blocks in z style. I want to make it blend in with the other builds around res 1001 so please set that aside. I will design this for you for 80K
      2. Example 2: I want to design a park, give me 150k and I'll fill a utopia res
    3. We negotiate and talk through what it'll look like
    4. I pay you half of what you ask to get started
    5. You build the thing in a Creative world
    6. You send the finished product to me
    7. I pay you the other half of what you asked for
    8. I build it in Town :)
    1. I am paying for the design, not for you to actually build it on EMC.
    2. Must be your original design. You may be inspired by other builds, whether real or fictional, but you cannot directly copy someone else's work.
    3. You can work with others, but everyone involved must know that it will be sold for rupees on EMC.
    4. If you need road edits, biome changes, DDTTs, etc., let me know, this is no problem.
    1. I like tall buildings
    2. I like builds that have both style and utility
    3. I like symmetry
    4. I like Philly if you want to use the rowhomes there as inspiration or something
    5. I want to see some of the newer blocks (1.17+) since I haven't really been active recently
    Beyond that, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  2. I love this, best of luck to you getting lots of fun designs :)

    I've also been in a similar situation for a while. I've been hoarding adjacent residences on smp9 for years but never felt confident enough in my building skills to do anything other than a giant platform in the sky over some of them 😂

    Can't wait to see how this turns out!
  3. I can't wait either! Unfortunately, it seems I haven't received any proposals yet :(
  4. Bump! I got one, can I get 25 more?!
  5. I'm already designing one
  6. You never DMed me :p
  7. The very first build is now up on smp5 at 10111, designed by Palmsugar! This build is being used to show my book collection.

  8. Very nice! And a new library, I willnhave to stop by indeed...
  9. Just mention anything "books" it will wake up the Raaynn :p
  10. I am desperate for submissions :(
  11. use to do alot of professional building in the 15-17 days. might design something for you sooner or later
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