Highlancer's Halloween Competition (Feat. Dramanya)

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  1. Well, it is that time of year again, when the ghosts and goblins await in anticipation for all hallows eve.
    Bad spirits lay in wait, waiting to steal your hard earned candy ! The only way to scare them away, is to dress up in costume to scare them off !

    Which brings me to the point of this thread.

    Halloween shall be soon upon us, and to help promote the festivities, I am holding a contest!

    Rules are simple....

    1) Create a Minecraft themed costume, and take your best picture of you in your own costume! This can be a player skin, mobs in game, etc... imagination is the limit!
    Now, this does not mean to go out and simply purchase a cardboard Steve head and think you shall win. (Unless the competition runs weak)
    2) Next, somewhere on your costume, you must have the EMC logo. Integrate it, or print one out and stick it on, or even hand draw it!
    - - LOGO Option #1 - LOGO Option #2 - -
    3) Submit up to five photos, of your creation. (Take your best shots!)

    What am I looking for? The typical. Fun, originality, colors, and most of all, looks.

    Deadline for your picture submissions is one Week before Halloween (10/24, 11:59 PM). This will give you time to think up of and create an awesome costume.

    Then, a week before Halloween I will make another thread with the submitted pictures in which all of EMC can vote on. Voting will be open until Halloween Eve (10/30 11:59 PM).
    I will also be choosing 9 judges from my fellow staff. I will not tell you who they are until the winner has been declared, so no bugging staff on which costume they love the most!
    Their judgment will weigh 50% against your votes.

    Now, for the loot.
    This year, I have noticed a load of steam users, and we even have an official EMC Steam group going on !

    Up for grabs to the winner of my contest will get a $20 steam code!
    I may add more/other things at my discretion, pending on number of entries, and how much effort people put into it.

    So, now is the time to get your creativity on!
    Don't have steam? Feel free to still dress up for some good fun! Even if you wish to not participate in the Steam Code Giveaway, feel free to post pictures of you in your costume in this thread!
    To submit your pictures, click this link. <----HERE
    Remember, only 1 submission from each player. Do not include Alts!!!

    Anybody requesting other players to 'vote for them' and not vote independently, may be excluded from winning.

    Good luck getting your scare on!
    As a side note, only post pictures of actual photos you took, no internet pic warriors trolling this thread please.

    And remember, if you cannot say something nice, don't put it in my thread.
  2. first comment woo hoo
  3. Ill try to do this, good luck to everyone!
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  4. I'd be interested in this, but is there a way to remain anonymous so people don't know who is who?
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  5. May be an easy contest, may have some competition, time will tell!
    Hmmm, Perhaps we can make it contestant numbers if concerned bout things.
    *puts thinking cap on*
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  6. Do you know if the word "Damn" is ok for this kind of contest? Not sure if its "mild" or a "bad word"
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  7. Aha, are real life costume submissions allowed? I have a nifty idea for a custom one I could make.

    - Do I have to be wearing it? Could I make a costume and take a picture of it like that? (Don't want to take a picture of myself)
    - Is the logo a must? It wouldn't really fit well with my idea.
    - Are there any judging criteria or is it just the general favorability?
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  8. Only Real Life costumes are allowed. :D and a picture of you wearing it, but you can keep your face out ofc.
    the logo must be at least for the picture to prove that this is you not a random picture from the internet. so holding the logo i think might be ok . but that would need Highlancer's say on it :)
  9. What Dramanya said.

    Feel free to edit faces out if you wish, but the costume must be worn. (edit = a simple crop and delete)
    You may also cover your face with something if you wish! (including, but not limited to a gold block! :D)

    (Also, you may have a friend to pose in the costume as long as you are behind the camera taking the picture, and have their permission to post the pictures)
    Logo, can be anywhere, as long as is not cropped/edited in. So you may certainly hold it, put it on the costume, etc… Strategic placement is good.

    For the public vote, it will be stated for all to vote on which costume they like the best.
    This is also why I included the warning that any player attempting to sway the public votes would be disqualified.
    Also alt-voting will not be allowed, one vote per player. This will be checked.
    So, what everyone likes best, and how the public vote will go, is a bit of a wildcard!

    For the staff vote, It will be based on the idea of the costume, execution, looks, colors, originality, etc… Something that you could actually go trick-or-treating in.
    Any background, props, etc…is cool, and does make for a fun picture, but the main focus, is the costume. If it were to come down to a tiebreaker, then I would guess the rest would come into play.

    I hope everyone can have some fun doing this, (especially if they do not have a Halloween costume picked out yet).

    Good luck!
  10. Would do this but i dont have steam so its pointless :(
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  11. Aww, but you can still have fun! I did not have steam for the longest time either, but my kid kind of dragged me into it. Glad he did, wish I did not have to work so much these days.

    I could also make it a xbox live, or psn card of the same denomination. (A code that can easily be private convo-ed, and I know that they have those at gamestop, which is where I will get it at)

    Do it for the Glory!!! :)
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  12. The logos appear to be the old ones. :p
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  13. What about a reward on EMC? :p
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  14. Well, while it is allowed according to the EMC rules, up to you whether it should be be part of your costume/setup!
    All depends on who you talk to what kind of language it is :p
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  15. I can't change my skin and I can't find its file, so heres a skin I wanted to use but I edited it
  16. Hehe... sorry high I don't think this is a contest for me :)
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  17. I am not at all good at this so I won't be entering. Good luck to all contestants!
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  18. Has to be an in real life costume!

    I know it can be a bit difficult, but that is part of the fun of the challenge!
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  19. Sounds like great fun. I'm terrible at design/art myself so I won't be taking part but best of luck to whoever does. I look forward to seeing the final result :)
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  20. Oh what I'd do for Steam credit. I have my cardboard and I'm starting tonight XD
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