Hi I'm Killerzone /Known as Xandrow

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  1. First of all I wanna thank Maxarias for giving me a second chance.
    Without her permission I wouldnt had been able to play here again, so Thank you Maxarias <3

    So after:
    274days (when I first signed in as Xandrow)
    1Ban & 1kick (Ban for using illegal hacks, kick for spamming)
    6Mil+ rupees (What I have spend, lost ect in total)
    Alot of EMC friends
    A heck lot of good memories

    I decided to introduce my self :)

    Some of you may know me, some of you may not anyways
    I'm Killerzone (Better known as Xandrow)
    I'm a male and I'm 18years old
    I'm a student, and as it is now my "goal" is to be a teacher (I guess =P)
    In my sparetime I work and spend most of my time with my girlfriend & my friends
    and when I'm in the mood I spend heck lot of times infront of my computer playing games :D
    Boring life Iknow ^_^

    I joined EMC for first time back in april I think it was, and since then I've achievet alot of things and gotten alot of good URL friends
    And few months ago I was to lazy to dig out my little brothers residence so I decided to use illegal hacks to make the job quicker for me, and I got banned right away. (Which I'm really thankful for)

    I got banned by Maxarias and I truely thankful for that (If I didnt had gotten banned that day, I would had used hacks again and maybe gotten banned anyways)

    That was abit about me, so if you want to ask me something I will try to answer it (if I want to ofcourse)

    I don't know if I wanna set achievements for my self again because I've already achievet them all (those I felt like would be impossible to achieve)

    Oh and if I ever get 1mil again I will host a giveaway :)

    PS. I may edit this later, I have to eat now :)

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  2. Welcome back.
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  3. Welcome Back Xandrow killerzone!
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  4. Thanks :)
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  5. Reincarnated as 'killerzone'...
    We welcome you back with open arms, with the assertion you shall behave.
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  6. Welcome back. :)
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  7. Man, its been TOO long! How have you been, check your messages! :D
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  8. I havent gotten any?
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  9. F5
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  10. Got it right when I posted lol :p
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  11. Thanks :D
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  12. welcome home :]
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  13. Welcome back Guy
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  14. Welcome back, next time, just pay people to dig your res, illegal mods are not necessary!
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  15. Velkommen tilbage ven :)!
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  16. Welcome back. I remember seeing you around.
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  17. Since we are talking in other langauges.

    Willkommen zurück Freund
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  18. Thanks man :D
    Thanks m8, glad to see you again :)
    Haha thanks :p
    Tak du, kan se du blevet lidt "store" siden sidst :D
    Thanks, I don't remember you tho :( I might have seen you around tho
    Thanks I guess :p
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  19. Friends of mine, please don't donate to me. I want a fresh start :)