Hi! I'm GreenleafGaming!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm GreenleafGaming, and I'll be hanging out, being as friendly as possible!
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  2. Heya Greemleaf! Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions please ask! :)
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  3. lol
    Hello, it's me
    Hey greeNleaf!
  4. Hi, GreenleafGaming! Welcome to EMC, I hope you have an awesome time here! :D

    If you wanna talk or need help with anything, my res is on smp1, on /v 2028
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  5. Welcome! :cool: Glad to hear you're friendly ;) (I assume that's possible, at least :p) (I don't usually use :cool: emoticons, but I'm listening to music that makes me feel cool)
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  6. Welcome to EMC! ;)
  7. Welcome to the Empire!
  8. Hi Greenleaf. Welcome to the Empire and enjoy your stay. :)
    607 you are always cool. :rolleyes:;)
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  9. Welcome to EMC!!! :D
  10. Welcome to The Empire minecraft :D
  11. Welcome. If you have questions, feel free to ask :D
  12. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  13. What? A new Member? I need to peak out.

    Welcome my friend to emc where ...

    I swear... Every time you say that it drives me nuts. New players have no decision where they spawn in first. They can indeed change servers but let's leave it to their judgment ;)
    As I was saying... We welcome everyone wherever they come from. I live on smp7 and willing to give a tour of your new start of EMC! Message me anytime :)
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