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  1. I am new here and so far I am enjoying my stay. It seems that I am having a very difficult time using chat even after the tutorial and forum instructions..... Could someone kindly help me understand what I am doing wrong???

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  2. Welcome! If you need any help or have questions do not hesitate to ask :)
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  4. Hm... Are you leaving a space between em? Like /c t
  5. I have spaces between words...
  6. I will do something like this /@ player name message
  7. No ;) to msg people its /tell [Player] [Message]
  8. Are the brackets required?

  9. Nope :)
  10. I have no idea then, I have tried every way possible including what you suggested... either I am completely incompetent or something is not working properly.... Are there any settings I should check? I really appreciate your time to help me with this.
  11. Keeps saying the player is not connected to this server
  12. In that case, you're trying to message someone who is not online. You have to use /tell playername typedmessage :) But, you can only message someone who is online!

    e.g. (supposing I am online) /tell FDNY21 Hello, how are you today?

    Welcome to the Empire, Killian!
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  13. Thanks, I understand that and was trying to chat with people who had just sent a message in chat to see if they could
    see what I was typing and nobody seems to be able to because i keep getting that error message. Can people send chats if they are offline?
  14. No :)
  15. Hi and welcome,

    It may be a long shot, but press "esc" in game and go to "options" then "chat settings".
    Make sure the top left setting is on "chat shown".....

    Just a thought :)
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  16. Hm... I hope your problem can get resolved!
    Are you able to see in-game chat? Yes, right? Can't you type somewhere there? Do other people see your messages?
  17. Hi Killian. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :) Did you get your problem fixed?
  18. Just for information purposes /@ [player name] should work. I use it all the time. I often have an issue where (out of habit) I put a comma after the player's name before I start my message. It doesn't like that and will kick it back at me.

    Alternatively, you can also just hit "t" to bring up the chat window and then use the mouse to just click on the player's name. That will start a private conversation as well. You just can't click on their name if it is system generated. Like "player so & so just joined". But as long as it's from something they have typed, public, group, or pm to you it will work.

    Edit: if you scroll up through chat to get to their name or there is a lot of chatter going on, you won't see that the pm started until you scroll back down to that point in chat. When you start a pm that way it just tells you in pink text that you started a private conversation with that player. Anything you type from that point should go solely to them but the chat doesn't jump back down the list or chime or anything like that. To get back to town chat just do /ct.
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  19. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :) If you have any queastions, feel free to ask :), oh, yes, chat schouldn't be that hard, but I understood you want to send a message to someone who isn't online, you can do two things to do that: you can PM that person on forums, this can be usefull if you want to talk about much things, one big subject, but if that persons isn't on forums often, or something you can also mail someone a book and quil, you don't have to sign it, you can just do /mail send jelle68 [name], this will open a screen where you can put your items in you want to send, in this case a book and quil, and press Esc after that. this will command will send me a mail, called hoi, with a book and quild in it, the only "problem" with this sysrem is that it costs 50r per used slot. (I'm not sure if this also counds with books, I don't think so, it sould be free)
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