Hi gang! Finally a mature MC server?

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  1. Hi gang!

    Figured I should introduce myself because the way things look right now I may very well be staying a long time.

    I discovered Minecraft in March this year, my gf introduced me to it, and I was immediately hooked. The main features for me are basically the no-nonsense approach (as I tend to call it); I can play the game exactly how I want to play the game. And well; once you dive into redstone ('rsd circuits') then you'll be quickly addicted for life :)

    Soon after that I discovered "another server" (yes, I actually read the rules guys, no worries ;)) which I really enjoyed. Small but very friendly community, very nice place indeed. And a really interesting way to learn & discover Minecraft; you basically play vanilla "with perks". It was a fun experience, even became a staff member (I (usually) enjoy helping people out).

    Alas, nothing negative here (that would be highly unfair) but lets just say that a map wipe is coming up and if you have only been playing for 6 months or so that seems extremely unfair. Well, not really unfair but its highly de-motivating, I don't like it. Especially because I can't help believe that a full map wipe shouldn't be necessary (I have some experience with operating a server).

    So that got me to look around a bit and eventually I found this server by accident (so it must be good ;)).

    About me.. Well, obviously a Minecraft addict. Live in the Netherlands, I run my own (small) IT company (no spam, don't worry) which sometimes allows me to play at odd times (or longer times, its nice to play MC while doing a phone support session for example) and well... Most people seem to like having me around 8). Main hobbies are obviously playing MC, my synthesizer / audio equipment (long story) and well; having fun! (how clich├ęd huh?).

    So yah... If I have to start all over again I think I may just as well make a completely fresh start. At least one with less risk of losing all my builds. I haven't made up my mind completely, but alas. We'll see :)

    For now you guys got a new player around, one who is definitely going to be lurking & posting on these forums and won't be a stranger either way.

    Oh; have I told you already that I really like doing write-ups from time to time? I wrote many guides already (not just MC of course, even IT related stuff) which many people enjoyed.

    (as if you couldn't tell by my introduction) :)

    Hope to meet you folks in-game soon!
  2. Welcome. It's good to see you're enjoying this server so far. EMC never resets its town or wild world, just the wastelands, so all your builds will be safe. What server did you end up on?
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  3. Welcome! I'm sure you'll love it here, as you have so far. I am also interested in what server you call home.
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  4. Thanks for the welcome!

    I ended up on smp2 it seems (I'm pretty sure, will pop back online in a bit to check (not to play of course ;))).

    The server with the /park, which suits me quite well. With a little luck I'll manage to get a pet and have some nice walks there (did I mention that I often like to roleplay a little, esp. when it comes to pets? ;)).
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  6. Welcome to Emprie Minecraft :) You'll love it here :D
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  7. That was a very nice introduction post! :) (I only made my first real "introduction" thread when I had been on the empire for a year ;))
    I'm very much interested in that Dutch IT company! I think you do not want to spam the thread, but could you pm me and tell me some more about it? :)
    You should be happy having found this, because it's such a thing that you just stumble across, but later you wonder how your life would've been if you wouldn't have stumbled across it that one time. EMC (especially the forums) has had a big influence in my life, in a good way.
    Oh, and I'm happy to have more Dutch people that speak English well enough, because I often get embarrassed by the level of English-speaking most Dutch people possess :rolleyes:
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  8. Welcome to the Empire and the forums ShelLuser, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here. :)
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  9. Welcome to the Empire. I think you'll fit in well. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask =)
    My inbox is always open (though contrary to popular belief, I do actually sleep)
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  10. Welcome stranger :p
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  11. Welcome to the Empire. Just from looking at this bit of writing and a few of your other posts, I have no doubt that you have potential to become a great part of our community. :) I look forward to talking more with you in the future. I see you chose SMP2. I like SMP2, always a friendly place. :) Anyway, welcome, I'm glad you made it here! :)
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  12. Welcome to the Empire!
    Sorry I cant be online in the game due to my computer breaking.
    You will love it here!
    I am on smp9 when my pc gets in :D
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  13. Welcome! Great server btw. I've been here for almost 1000 days and I still love the server the same as when I started.
  14. welcome fam
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  15. Hello and Welcome! You will enjoy it here, it is by far the best server and has the best community! Hope to see you around! :)
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  16. Welcome to EMC. this is a great server and there is much to do as well as lots of players to hang out with. be sure to check out the other servers as each server has something different and a new group of players
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