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  1. Hi, I'm thecontroller, and this is my EMC story. I came here with my old man and my son, 'OrigamiJoe.' Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 5 years—you never know what is gonna come through that door.

    All jokes aside, I'm happy to be back.
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  2. hmm I once knew a Thecontroller... long time ago on smp5 used do a lot of stuff on there then disappeared one day.
    Welcome back to Emc :D This is Dwight btw
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  3. What interests you most about EMC?

    I have various mob farms built around the SMPs, featuring multiple Enderman Farms (see "Featured Thread" in my signature).:cool:
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  4. And I thought I was on emc for a long time cx, welcome back c:
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  5. Welcome... Back!
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    Edit: I am southpark347
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  7. that's a pretty dank meme there, lad

    I sorta kinda remember you, welcome back
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  8. WHOA NO way! You were like one of my regulars!
    Hmm, I can be a corporate mogul and still have enough asset after 3 years of inactivity to rebuild it >:D
    Oh man! You should see @JustinGuy!
    I believe I remember you :D
    Been posting dank memes for a long time!
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  9. Welcome back! Though you're from before my time I believe, it's good to see a veteran return. :) Looking forward to seeing you around!

    Tell Joe to get his butt back here, by the way. ;) We've missed him as well.
  10. Welcome back! Haven't been around as long as you, but it's nice to meet you. Code Geass pic, dank memes, I like you already :p
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  11. Hey controller! nick_godoy here =) Welcome back!
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  12. I wish I had found Emc long before I did. So since we don't know each other, it's nice to meet a returning vet :D pop by smp1 if you want to chat ^_^ I also have a free public flower farm at 2113 if you want to make some money selling me dye ~_^
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  13. I remember the name and stuff. Welcome back. I used to be called Luckygreenbird before the great war.
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  14. General Greenbird, what do we do next?
  15. Well Liberty Prime is online :)
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  16. Hey! I actually don't know you.
    At least, I didn't before. But I'm excited to get to know more about you!
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  17. Hi thecontroller. Nice to see older members returning. :) I never knew you, but I did know Joe both on this server and another one. Welcome back.
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  18. I remember you. I was probably like 11 or 12 last time I saw you here though, and I wasn't the most pleasant member of the community, so you may not remember me :p

    Welcome back though :D
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  19. I don't remember anything bad but I do remember seeing your name pop up a couple of times! ;)
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