Heyo everyone here's Rumeysa_10!

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  1. Hello I am Rumeysa, people like to call me Rumey. I am 15 years old and turning 16 soon. I am a girl who lives in the Netherlands and origins from Turkey. I love to watch/play soccer it's my passion to play soccer. I also love to game, it's like throwing all the stress of me :). I like to play minecraft when I have free time. I wanted to join a community cause most of the times forums can be even more fun then the game actually, I know that cause I am in another community from the game counter-strike. Wonder how I found this community? Well I was kinda searching for a towny server and I am happy I finally found one! I decided to stay and join cause of the friendliness of some people :). And it is such a active and full of players server. Well done admin by creating such a great server/community! I actually started playing minecraft again after such a long time so I forgot some things :$. But thanks to some people of the server whom I can ask anything, I learn fast :). Happy to be here, seeee ya sooon in game people! :cool:
  2. Welcome to the Empire, I hope you enjoy it here!

    Woohoo, this is my 5,000th post too. Here's to reaching 6,000! ;)
  3. Welcome to the Empire Rumey!!! You're right, there are some pretty amazing people here (as anywhere else) and its always fun and friendly. Its great to have another addition to the Empire, if you ever need any help you can always ask us. :p
    Which server are you living in? :)
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  4. SMP8, thanks for the warm welcome here too! :)
  5. Ah brilliant! Smp8 is a truly epic server, also because I live there too. Prepare for the famous conversations...:)
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  6. Welcome to the dark side.........i mean welcome to the Empire!
    I am the candy muncher and nose nibbler. I live in smp2 mostly, me and my mom play together as well.
    I'm happy to help if you need anything.
    Oh and if you hear about a war seeing as smp8 keeps going on about it just ignore them, its a silly roleplaying thing thats being dragged out a fair bit >.< Focus on building yourself a nice home. Oh and don't give people permissions on your land unless you know them well enough. A lot of new people do and get stuff stolen
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  7. Oh and forgot, make sure you use the website to vote everyday for in game money and some goodies as well. The higher the voting streak the better the rewards, its worth it. Hmmm now anything else to add, oh yes toilets out the door, to the left down the hall. Don't go to the boys toilets its yucky, those cavemen don't clean :p
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! I hope to see you in-game sometime :)

    Also, do you live on smp8? :p I could've sworn I saw you there just yesterday.
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  9. Welcome! Make sure to know everything about EMC for your amazing stay! :)
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  10. Welcome! :D You most likely won't see me in-game any time soon, but I hope I'll see you at the forums! :)
    We have lots of active people here, but still know each other quite well!
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  11. Welcome to EMC. We will all have fun drawing you in to this crazy place that we call home. I hope you enjoyed your sanity while you had it, because it doesn't last long on SMP8

    Also, it's fine if you forgot some stuff, I don't have a clue what I'm doing either. I just act smart and hope no one notices.
  12. Omg omg omg! *does backflips* I live on smp8 tooooo *starts clapping like 5 year old girl who just got new doll*

    Edit: Yea.. sorry about that. Dont mind me :p Glad to have welcomed you in :rolleyes:
    Don't forget we're always here for help ^-^

    Edit2: Just read through your whole post :cool: My family is also from Turkey :D
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  13. Welcome! :D Have a great time on EMC, you'll never leave. Ever. It's that good. ;)
    This is the part where I say smp8 is great.
    Or is it? :cool:
    Smp1 all the way... ;3
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  14. Ey now, no fair. Of course its not clean, that's not our job! Not our fault that no one wants to bother. And that after all the hard work we put in. Like drinking beverages and blowing things up using TNT.

    No, I wouldn't be surprised if that thing got clogged up because a certain someone has tried to flush some nosey evidence down the drain :cool:

    Instead of complaining you could also have simply called a cleaning company. I'm sure there should be someone around willing to help; a lot of people ask for jobs these days so... :D
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  15. Yaaay, another Dutchie!

    That's the way we like it, it won't be long now before they'll have no other choice but to add the Dutch flag to their shop as well ;) I think there should be at least approx. 3 - 5 of us (at least those I know) on a count of approx. several thousand American members so... Anytime now ;)

    (in case you're wondering; you can buy country flags in the flag shop for 1r or so; just go to /town, down the stairs and you'll find a portal there).

    So yeah, welcome to the Empire!

    smp8 is a great server to be on, I can really recommend to visit Kephras' bookshop (/v kephras) or Claremuss' enchanted shop (also sells some regular items) (/v claremuss).

    Hope you're going to have lots of fun here 8)
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  16. If you men don't clean, i'll make you clean! I'll take away your sports channels, ban the beers. Oh there are many ways. >:D
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  17. How did this thread turn into men vs. woman cleaning toliets? Like really...:confused:
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  18. Welcome to EMC! Someone else who posted here is Dutch... You are just going to have to figure it out! >=D
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  19. Ok Builder we can turn it into who stole the last cookie out of the jar, but i bet you wouldn't know anything about that huh?
  20. :confused:
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