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  1. Hello, I'm gwathgwaith. I've been playing Minecraft for about a year or so and this is my first multiplayer experience, so forgive me if I come off noobish (which I already did - thanks again to DrMadFate).

    I'm always shy around new people, but as I get to know you guys and gals better, I will open up.

    Looking forward to try this out!
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  2. Welcome to EMC! I'm sure you'll have a great time. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a PM or ask any of us (we're all really friendly) . I'm usually on SMP5 if you'd like to come for a chat. :)
  3. Hi gwathgwaith. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  4. Welcome to EMC :)
  5. Welcome to EMC! :D
  6. Welcome to EMC. :cool:
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  7. Welcome to EMC. if you have any questions just ask!
  8. :p Welcome!
  9. Welcome! I'm pretty sure you'll have a great time here! :)
  10. Ha ha ha, no need to be worried. Here's the thing: Empire Minecraft is huge, it has dozens of options and possibilities so there's really no way for you to quickly catch that all at once. Heck... Even after I was on the Empire for half a year or so (and won some cool awards) I still felt like being a bit of a newbie ;)

    EMC is a very friendly server which provides something for everybody I guess. If you want to hang out and join events and have fun with each other right to simply doing some mining and Wasteland (or Frontier) exploration on your own... It's all possible.

    And don't be afraid to ask if something puzzles you!

    Hmm, So Fate got to you already eh? Then maybe you landed on my homeserver of SMP2? ;)

    Aaanyway, hope to meet you online someday and most of all I hope you'll have fun here!
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  11. Welcome to the empire! Don't feel bad that you are noobish. When I first started emc, I asked random questions every day. You will get the hang of it, the longer you stay. :)
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  12. Actually, I'm on smp8, which I heard is the best... :p. I spent a couple hours researching various servers, and Empire has pretty much everything I'm looking for. I'm really excited to be here. Thank yous to everyone!
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  13. uh oh, smp8 is at it again! <waves cane> We'll get you guys next time! :)

    (just kidding guys!)

    Yah, SMP8 is a really cool server. Very tight community within our awesome community (I've only experienced parts of it and it still left me impressed!) :)
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  14. Welcome! EMC was my first multiplayer server, too, and I haven't left yet. Let us know if you need anything!
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